A student with dyslexia learns to love reading! | Lindamood-Bell Learning Centres (Australia)

13 Jul, 2018

A bright student describes what it’s like to have dyslexia and his experience learning to read in our centre in Double Bay. His mother gives her perspective, from struggles to getting services to what it’s like now that he’s reading grade-level chapter books!

“The joy he now has with reading is the best result.” A mother of a second grader describes instruction.

8 Aug, 2016

Jacob’s last school year was incredibly difficult. We could not keep up with homework, and he could not keep up in class. He attends a really great private school, but even with extra support he didn’t seem to be learning. There were tears over homework and very low test scores. I have a master’s degree…

He just couldn’t read.

13 Nov, 2015

A mother tells the story of her second grader who couldn’t read.

A Letter from a Dad

15 Sep, 2014

We sent our pretty scared/worried little dude to his first-ever assessment

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