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Will Lindamood-Bell solve my students’ reading, spelling, and comprehension challenges?

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We are committed to using our unique approach to enable students to reach their potential.

Questions & Answers

How do the programs differ from Orton-Gillingham?

The programs develop the imagery-language connection underlying the reading, comprehension, and math processes. Whereas programs like Orton-Gillingham focus on instructional strategies and expectancies related to phonetic processing, Lindamood-Bell programs stimulate the cognitive skills for reading fluency and language comprehension.

What is a Learning Center on Campus (LCOC)?

LCOC is a partnership between Lindamood-Bell and a school, district, or agency to bring a Learning Center (LC) on-site within the institution. Lindamood-Bell provides a diagnostic needs assessment for participating students. Lindamood-Bell instructors work directly with students to provide intensive intervention for students with disabilities and struggling students. The LCOC offers Tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions within a district’s Response to Intervention (RtI) model. Or it may be implemented to address the needs of special programs, such as adult/family literacy, foster care, vocational training, cognitive rehabilitation, incarcerated populations, or English language development. Typically, LCOCs are available in communities with an existing Lindamood-Bell Learning Center, and the LC manages and staffs the LCOC.

(Re: Robot services) Why do we need to buy the Robots to do this? Why can't we get this consultation with Lindamood-Bell through Skype or with Facetime on iPads?

The mobility factor is the key to Lindamood-Bell’s ability to keep this dynamic professional development model in place. In essence, it's just like having one of our people physically present to coach your teachers. Without the Double Robotics technology, we would still be relying on someone there to move the iPad/laptop around from room to room. With the Double, we can move around with autonomy, based on teacher and student needs.

Are there follow-up options available?

We offer online refresher workshops, on-site consulting, job-embedded professional development, and virtual coaching utilizing Double Robotics technology. We have options that fit your budget and professional development needs.

How are your programs used in a Response to Intervention (RtI) model?

Schools implement our programs within a three-tiered instructional model. Classroom application (Tier 1) includes direct instruction in reading, comprehension, and math skills. Targeted and intensive intervention is provided in Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction, differentiated, based on students' needs.

Are the programs appropriate for middle and high school students?

Yes, students at the secondary level benefit from direct and explicit instruction in areas that are difficult for them or in skills that have not been addressed through previous interventions. The programs have substantial evidence of effectiveness for this population.

Are the programs aligned to state standards or the Common Core?

The programs utilize best practices in developing the skills needed to meet rigorous standards. These skills include the foundations of reading, comprehension, critical thinking, and writing.

Do the programs include a teacher’s manual and materials for systematic instruction?

Yes, each program includes a teacher’s manual which details the scope and sequence of the program and provides sample lessons. Instructor Kits include various support materials designed to implement each step with fidelity.

Do you offer the train-the-trainer model?

No, Lindamood-Bell does not offer the train-the-trainer model. We do not offer a train-the-trainer model because it impacts the quality and fidelity of the programs. Our programs have been research-validated based on training received directly from Lindamood-Bell Workshop presenters. In the short term, a train-the-trainer model may cost less for a district. In the long term, it is costlier because the programs are not effective or sustainable.

Can you explain what coaching will entail?

Lindamood-Bell consultants model steps for your teachers, interact with students, and observe your staff, and give feedback in real time.

How do I get certified in Lindamood-Bell?

Lindamood-Bell does not offer certification. However, all participants receive a letter of completion. Our workshops allow participants to earn CEUs and post-graduate professional development credit. Refresher courses and coaching options are available for teachers to continue their professional development.

What type of credit do your workshops offer?

The credit options vary by workshop. For details, review the Credit Information Handout.

Who is the workshop designed for—classroom teachers or specialty staff?

Lindamood-Bell workshops are appropriate for all levels. Classroom teachers, support staff, specialists, administrators, and parents will all benefit from attending a Lindamood-Bell professional development workshop.

Are the programs effective for students with learning difficulties or disabilities?

Yes, each program has been developed specifically to address difficulties in the learning process. We have an extensive research base and evidence of effectiveness with students identified with dyslexia, autism, central auditory processing disorder, and other learning disabilities. The Seeing Stars® and Visualizing and Verbalizing® programs are endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education.

Are your programs appropriate for ELL students?

Yes! The Lindamood-Bell® programs are highly effective with a variety of learning profiles, including ELL students.

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