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Toolkit for Educators

The Lindamood-Bell Toolkit for Educators is a free collection of tips, lessons, and information about literacy and learning.


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A resource for instructional leaders to support educators during classroom walkthroughs.
It's an election year! Learn all about the United States Constitution with this See Time Fly lesson packet, perfect for use with the Visualizing and Verbalizing program.
Digital Motivators
Student engagement can be one of the most challenging aspects of distance education. To help, here are a few of our favorite online motivational resources!
A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Get ready for your online teaching with this checklist.
The Imagine That! Grades K-3 sample packet provides fun, high-imagery nonfiction stories with which to practice building imagery for oral and written language comprehension.
This workbook is offered to provide a wider selection of exciting, true stories for practice developing gestalt imagery and language comprehension.
This summary highlights how our sensory-cognitive instruction enhances language and literacy skills to help all students meet the rigorous expectations of the Common Core.
This Imagine That! lesson packet features four stories about acts of kindness (written at a 2nd-4th grade level), a writing activity, and a word search.
We've created some fun bookmarks that feature our favorite quotes about kindness. We hope they serve as a handy reminder to your students that kindness is transformative!
This fun packet includes six high-imagery and engaging stories, vocabulary practice, fun puzzles, and a drawing activity.
The Visualizing and Verbalizing program develops concept imagery—the ability to create an imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and critical thinking. Download our sample chapter to explore how the development of concept imagery improves reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.
This sample chapter explores how the Seeing Stars® program develops symbol imagery—the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words—as a basis for orthographic awareness, phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency.
This sample chapter explores how the Talkies® program is the primer to the Visualizing and Verbalizing program, meant for students who need simpler, smaller steps of instruction to establish the imagery-language connection.
The On Cloud Nine® (OCN) program develops the ability to image and verbalize the concepts and processes of math. Download this sample chapter to explore how concept imagery and numeral imagery are integrated with language to improve both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation.


[Webinar] Formative Assessment | Lindamood-Bell for Schools
In this presentation, we describe real-time RTI and effective formative assessment. Schools partner with Lindamood-Bell for our expertise in aligning assessment with instruction for students in all tiers of instruction. This presentation is appropriate for educators, including State, District, and School Administrators, Staff Development Coordinators, and Teachers; this presentation is appropriate for addressing the needs of a wide variety of populations, including Special Education, Regular Education, and English Language Learners. The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) has endorsed the Seeing Stars® program and the Visualizing and Verbalizing® program, which were authored by Lindamood-Bell’s founders.
Effective Online Literacy Instruction | Lindamood-Bell for Schools
Lindamood-Bell for Schools builds expertise and instructional skills to improve student literacy. We help educators provide in-person and virtual instruction using our evidence-based approach. Lindamood-Bell has pioneered programs to develop the imagery-language foundation that underlies reading, spelling, language comprehension, math, memory, and critical thinking. Our interactive, in-depth professional development is available in-person and online.
Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program
The Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V) program develops concept imagery—the ability to create an imaged gestalt from language—as a basis for comprehension and higher order thinking. The development of concept imagery improves reading and listening comprehension, memory, oral vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing.
Reading Rockets: Make Reading Count (1 of 2)
A WETA PBS webcast featuring Nanci Bell, CEO and co-founder of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes.
Autism Live
The Director of Research for the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes joins Autism Live via Skype to discuss research, how Lindamood-Bell teaches reading comprehension and how sensory-cognitive instruction applies to students on the spectrum.
Learn more about the Seeing Stars program—Instruction that Changes Lives
Nanci discusses and demonstrates program steps that result in years of gain for students of all ages and learning challenges—including students identified with dyslexia.
Learn more about the Visualizing and Verbalizing program—Dream Big for Comprehension
Nanci describes the imagery-language connection, which is essential for reading, spelling, and comprehension. Learn how Lindamood-Bell identifies the underlying causes of learning challenges and how they address those challenges with research-validated, individualized instruction.


Connect with us
Anne Perry, Executive Director at our Learning Center in Pasadena, was interviewed by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gwen Palafox on the inspiring podcast, “disAbled + Empowered.”
"Anne educates me on the two main pathways of reading development. We also explore Lindamood-Bell's reading intervention programs and how they address reading problems at the neurological level." 
Watch or listen at the link in bio!
Educators, join us for a free webinar on Early Literacy and Sustainability. 
Presenter Tracy Newhart, Literacy Coordinator at Fort Smith Public Schools in Arkansas, will share about implementing our evidence-based approach throughout her school district. RSVP at the link in our bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
Parents, join us for a free online workshop, "From Crisis Learning to Learning Success." Get tips to help your child tackle school this year, using our unique approach! 

We are happy to share our expertise with you during this challenging time. 
Events occur the last week of January. RSVP NOW at the link in our profile, @lindamoodbellofficial
From one-to-one instruction to small group classes, 
Lindamood-Bell Academy has the right school experience for every student.
✅ Evidence-based approach
✅ Personalized curriculum
✅ Experienced, engaged instructors 
🚫 No passive screen time
Imagine YOUR child at Lindamood-Bell Academy for Second Semester! It's not too late to enroll! Get started at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
A mother is thrilled when her son catches up to his classmates in reading. The entire testimonial is at the link in our bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
🎧New Podcast Episode🎧
Over the past three years, more than 150 teachers from across Jamaica have received Lindamood-Bell professional development to increase literacy. 
Local educator, Ancelene, joins us to describe her experience using the programs with her own students. Listen now at the link in our bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Liz shares what it was like to have her dyslexic second-grader receive Lindamood-Bell Learning Center instruction mostly ONLINE!
Parents, this is a must-watch! 
Full testimonial is at the link in our bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
As part of our efforts to maintain an exceptional standard of quality instruction, we continually monitor results. Our Learning Center Results summary reports on instruction for more than 28,000 students from 2008 to 2019. Results are viewable by instruction focus or previous diagnosis, including dyslexia and ADHD. View our results! 
Follow link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Right now, all children continue to face a variety of changes at school. Missed time with teachers and hybrid-distance learning have been particularly hard on kids who struggle with basic skills like reading and math.

Parents, we've been live, online since 2015. Our evidence-based instruction is fun and effective, ONE-to-ONE, live, online. In person where allowed.
Link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Winter Break instruction at Lindamood-Bell can help your child 
go back to school in the New Year with better skills and new confidence!
Our evidence-based approach helps students catch up or get ahead in Reading, Comprehension, or Math in a short amount of time. 
We're experts in fun & effective one-to-one online learning. In-person where allowed. Get info at the link in our profile, @lindamoodbellofficial.
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