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Report Cards: A-Z

11 Oct, 2018

You may find your child’s report card crumpled up in the bottom of her backpack or hidden in the back of her dresser drawers. She may not even understand what the letters or numbers stand for — she just knows she’s seen a lot of angry red marks on her test papers.   Or maybe…

Enrol Now! Summer Programs for Reading, Comprehension, and Maths

20 Sep, 2018

Summer learning at Lindamood-Bell is individualised to meet the learning needs of each student in a short amount of time. Because it’s one-to-one, we’ll only spend time on what your child needs.   We’ll start with a learning evaluation to uncover the strengths and weaknesses that affect academic performance. In a results consultation, we will…

Open Day at Your Local Learning Centre

6 Sep, 2018

You’re invited to our DREAM BIG for Learning Open Day.   Stop by or stay as long as you like. Meet our dedicated staff, peek in on student sessions and get your questions answered.   Learn about summer instruction for reading, comprehension, and maths. Our intensive instruction often results in extraordinary gains in just a…

Imagine a Better School Year – Free Parent Workshop

31 Aug, 2018

Coming soon to your Learning Center, a free event for parents you won’t want to miss.   In our free 30-minute workshop, we’ll cover ways to establish the imagery-language foundation for homework.   Topics will include:   ■ Asking questions that create mental images (and boost comprehension!) ■ Helping your child learn and remember facts…

What May be Missing When Your Reader Struggles?

16 Aug, 2018

When a student struggles with reading, extra help typically focuses on sounding out words and spelling rules. Unfortunately, after months of hard work and frustration, many students continue to struggle with year-level text.   Perhaps they can sound out words, but it is slow and laboured. They may take so long to sound out the…

Finish the Year Strong: Springtime Learning at Lindamood-Bell

9 Aug, 2018

At this point in the school year, students everywhere are feeling the pressure of looming due dates and stressed schedules.  For students who struggle with learning, this time of year can be especially taxing. Their performance may have lagged behind peers all year, and increased academic expectations may be compounding the issue. Spending so many…

Imagine School Year Success

6 Aug, 2018

    We believe every student can experience school year success. If school is hard for your child, we can help you find out why and give your child the help they need to start thriving.   How can we help your child? Read on for typical solutions.   Sensory-Cognitive Instruction Students who need help…

Minimise Summer Learning Loss | Early Bird Savings

2 Aug, 2018

Summer is a great time to get help with reading, comprehension, or maths. In just a few weeks’ time, we can make years of change so your child can go back to school with new confidence. Also, working on crucial skills can minimise the learning loss that takes place for many students.   Enjoy a…

A Prescription for Success | Your Learning Checkup

26 Jul, 2018

When it comes to physical health and making sure your child feels their best, there are lots of steps we routinely take — from immunisations and teeth cleanings to general conversations with the pediatrician about your child’s health and wellness.   Similarly, a learning checkup can provide vital information about how things are going for…

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