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Where will my child attend?

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Your child can attend in person at one of our US Learning Centers, online, or a combination of both.  Lindamood-Bell Academy is a Private School based in California operating virtually in all our US Learning Centers.

Questions & Answers

What attendance/scheduling options do you offer?

We offer half and full day options with after school options for an additional fee.  Start times can vary per student.

What is the cost?

We will make recommendations for the best Academy package for your student that insures an individualized approach. These packages could include sensory-cognitive instruction as well as curriculum.

Do you offer outdoor/recess time?


The lunch period is an hour long for all students with a half hour of special activities, including but not limited to, movement, STEM and Art. Some but not all sites have access to outdoor space.

Do you offer Art, Languages, Music, PE, and Gifted and Talented?


Our curriculum offers options for all of the above, including different electives based on a student’s grade and/or enrollment package.

Do you provide lunch?

We provide a lunch period for all students. We will provide snacks for in-center students, and students will need to bring their own lunch.

What time does the school day start?

The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. (local time) for all Lindamood-Bell Academy students, whether enrolled for a half or full hour day. The lunch period is an hour long and includes a half hour of special activities, including but not limited to, movement, STEM and Art. We also offer a complimentary and optional zero period at 8:00 a.m. each school day.

Will a one-to-one or small group school negatively affect my child’s social development?


Throughout the Academy day there are multiple points of peer interaction. We will have other students in the learning center and make sure to provide opportunities to develop friendships. Our instructors make great friends too - they are always positive and able to help students navigate positive social interactions!

I don't live in California, where Academy is located. Do I need to register my child with my school district as being homeschooled?

Because requirements vary from state to state and even district to district, families should contact their district of residence to find out if they are required to submit anything if they are withdrawing or obtaining private school placement (i.e. Lindamood-Bell Academy).

Does Lindamood-Bell Academy follow a student's IEP?

While Lindamood-Bell Academy provides services that may target goals and objectives on the IEP, it does not take responsibility for the IEP, as the LEA (local education agency) would.

Is Lindamood-Bell Academy approved and accredited in my state?

Lindamood-Bell Academy is approved and accredited in the state of California only.

Is Lindamood-Bell Academy an approved MA 766 (or other state) program?

Lindamood-Bell Academy is currently accredited as a California private school, we are not approved in other state specific programs.

Is Lindamood-Bell Academy a certified Nonpublic School?

Lindamood-Bell Academy is not a certified Nonpublic School.

Are Lindamood-Bell Academy teachers/instructors certified?

Our Student Teams consist of the Manager of Curriculum & Instruction

 (who is credentialed) and Credentialed teachers through Lindamood-Bell Academy and our curriculum partner. Our students also work with instructional experts in the imagery-language foundations.

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