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Leverage COVID Relief Funds for Literacy Growth with Lindamood-Bell PD

Jun 22, 2021

  Relief funding from Congress includes over $100 billion in support of K-12 schools.  Take advantage of these funds to get students back on track and boost literacy achievement with Lindamood-Bell Professional Development.   Based on the science of reading, Lindamood-Bell PD builds teacher capacity to address learning gaps. ✓ Evidence-based programs improve reading, comprehension,…

It’s Not Too Late to Increase Learning This Summer

Jun 16, 2021

Imagine your child returning to school in the fall with better skills, ready to tackle the new year. Students can spend part of their summer gaining reading, comprehension, and math skills at our Learning Center. Depending on the location, we’re open live online or in person. Summer learning at Lindamood-Bell is individualized to meet the…

Summer Spots are Filling Fast!

Jun 8, 2021

Many students lost ground in basic academic skills this past school year. Stanford researchers recently reported that “reading fluency among second- and third-graders is roughly thirty percent behind what would be expected in a typical year.” We know from experience that the earlier a learning issue is addressed, the less time it will take to…

Prepare for Back-to-School Success!

Jun 3, 2021

  Learn the steps of renowned evidence-based programs in a Lindamood-Bell®️ Teacher Workshop. Start the new school year ready to help any student get back on track in reading, comprehension, or math. Lindamood-Bell Professional Development is uniquely prepared to help you make a difference for students who need it most.   Level 1 Reading, Comprehension,…

Lindamood-Bell Academy: Special Savings When You Enroll Now

Jun 1, 2021

  After a year of “pandemic schooling,” many parents are looking for a personalized approach to school that is designed to meet the unique needs of their student. Lindamood-Bell Academy can help your child catch up from learning loss or get ahead in the fall.   We develop the imagery-language foundation to help students read,…

You Can Count on Lindamood-Bell to Help with Your Child’s Learning

May 28, 2021

  Now more than ever, you need learning support that fits your student’s needs.   Lindamood-Bell offers reliable, innovative learning experiences that are effective and dynamic, online or in person. Families can use Lindamood-Bell to:   1) Get answers about your child’s current reading and comprehension skills with Lindamood-Bell’s complimentary Simple Screening for Learning. We’ll talk…

This Summer You Can Count On Lindamood-Bell

May 25, 2021

When school’s out, your family can count on Lindamood-Bell! For parents of school-age children, Summer 2021 is bittersweet.  You’re eager for a well-deserved break. But this year, more than ever before, you may be concerned about summer learning loss after a full year of school disruptions. What’s more, tried-and-true break activities are up-in-the-air or may…

Lindamood-Bell Academy Virtual Open Day

May 18, 2021

Watch our Lindamood-Bell Academy Virtual Open Day to learn more about how Lindamood-Bell Academy is a school like no other.  Our Academy is a private school where we develop underlying learning skills and provide a full curriculum. We offer tuition packages and support services to fit your child’s individual needs, and are now enrolling for the…

Nanci Bell Mini Webinar – Australia

May 10, 2021

Conquer Learning Loss AND Get Ahead Winter Instruction at Lindamood-Bell! Join Nanci Bell for a mini webinar.  Now more than ever, winter instruction can make the difference of a lifetime for a student. Individualized, intensive instruction in basic skills.  Years of learning gained in only weeks of instruction. Sensory-cognitive foundations for reading, comprehension, critical thinking,…

THANK YOU, TEACHERS! We have a special discount for you!

May 6, 2021

  We are recognizing the four million U.S. K-12 teachers for all that they have accomplished this last year. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to students and families. Enjoy a special offer! Get an EXTRA $100 off  when you register for a Teacher Workshop by the end of May 2021. Use discount code…

Connect with us
Sheryl McCarthy, Early Childhood Literacy Coach at Kentwood Public Schools in Michigan, describes her district's plan to conquer COVID-related learning loss this summer. Join us for this free webinar that's sure to inspire!
Get details and sign up at the link in our profile, @lindamoodbellofficial
It's not too late to get started at Lindamood-Bell this summer. We'll give your child the help they need to catch up or get ahead in reading, comprehension, or math. Students make extraordinary progress in a matter of weeks. 
Hurry, spots are filling fast! Link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
We are thrilled that this week President Biden signed a bill to officially declare June 19th a new federal holiday—Juneteenth National Independence Day.
Juneteenth represents freedom and liberation and is a day to honor those who suffered during American slavery. 
Join us to reflect and learn about Juneteenth. Follow the link in our bio to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture website. #JUNETEENTH2021 #Juneteenth #HappyJuneteenth
We can help your child catch up or get ahead in Reading, Comprehension, or Math!
Our unique approach is proven effective in-person and live, online. 
✅ Enroll now for a discount on the first week of summer learning!
✅ Learn more and watch the full testimonial at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
Lindamood-Bell Professional Development helps teachers make a difference for students who need it most.
Learn to develop the sensory-cognitive functions necessary for reading, spelling, comprehension, and math. Summer workshops for educators are now open! Learn more at the link in our profile, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Did your child end the school year struggling to keep up? 
Give them the skills they need to feel confident before fall.
You can count on Lindamood-Bell for one-to-one, evidence-based learning—safe, in-person or live, online.
Enroll now and save on the first week. 
🏃Hurry, summer spots are filling fast!
Follow the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial to learn more!
This summer, your child can make years of progress 
in reading, comprehension, or math 
in a matter of weeks.
And go back to school with confidence!🤸 
Enroll now for a discount on the first week. 
Watch the full testimonial at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
After a year of “pandemic schooling,” enjoy the personalized learning environment of Lindamood-Bell Academy. Enroll now for exclusive specials!
➢ 50% off the first month
➢ $500 off summer learning in reading, comprehension, or math
Details at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
This summer, your child can catch up or get ahead in reading, comprehension, or math in a matter of weeks!
✅ One-to-one instruction 
✅ Proven effective in-person and online
Enroll now for a discount on the first week. Get info at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
Memorial Day, first known as Decoration Day, commemorates Americans who died in all wars.
Memorial Day festivities can overshadow the national moment of remembrance at 3PM local time.  This Memorial Day, join us in taking a moment to remember all men and women, everywhere, who have lost their life while serving in the military—and to remember their families and loved ones.
Thank you, Wendy Maurer and @wearecolehealth for having our Executive Center Director, Kyle Stagnaro on your podcast, Provider Connections!
Great conversation about meeting the needs of students!
We put a link to the full interview in our bio, @lindamoodbellofficial .
Lindamood-Bell was chosen to be part of Proven Tutoring—a coalition of evidence-based tutoring programs with the goal to scale up high-impact tutoring in Title I elementary schools across the U.S.
Disadvantaged students have experienced some of the largest learning losses this past year. 
It is our honor to help schools address unfinished learning resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Get info at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Imagine your child LOVING school next year! 
🎥 Watch this family's entire testimonial and get info about Lindamood-Bell Academy at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
This summer, you can count on Lindamood-Bell 
to keep your child's learning on track!
✅Safe, in-person and live, online—
 we'll be helping kids catch up in reading, comprehension, and math.
✅One-to-one, face-to-face evidence-based instruction.
✅Enroll now and save on the first week. 
Follow the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial to learn more about 
a Summer You Can Count On!
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