Lindamood-Bell Academy Virtual Open House

25 Mar, 2022

Watch our Lindamood-Bell Academy Virtual Open House video to learn more about how Lindamood-Bell Academy is a school like no other. Get Academy Strong! Our Academy is a K-12 private school where we develop underlying learning skills and provide a full curriculum. We offer tuition packages and individualized instruction to fit your child’s needs and…

An Individualized Approach to School Helps Students Learn to Their Potential

2 Mar, 2022

  Now more than ever, a personalized school experience is ideal for many students. At Lindamood-Bell Academy, our individualized approach to school is designed to meet the unique academic needs of each student.    For over thirty-five years, our core belief has been that all children can learn to their potential. Our teachers truly engage…

Transfer Now to Finish the School Year Strong!

26 Jan, 2022

  It’s time to switch to a better school environment for your child, one that offers personalized support and a positive experience. Your child deserves a chance to thrive whether they are catching up or getting ahead, especially now.   With Lindamood-Bell Academy, your child can make a smooth transition to an ideal school environment…

Lindamood-Bell 2021 Highlights

19 Jan, 2022

We are grateful for each individual who has learned with us worldwide at our Learning Centers, Lindamood-Bell Academy, Workshops, and School Partnerships.  For over thirty-five years, we have believed that all children and adults can learn to read and comprehend to their potential.  As it was in 1986, our goal is to make a life-changing…

You Can Count on Lindamood-Bell to Help with Your Child’s Learning

28 Nov, 2021

  Now more than ever, you need learning support that fits your student’s needs.   Lindamood-Bell offers evidence-based, innovative learning experiences that are effective and dynamic, online or in person.   Families can use Lindamood-Bell to:   1) Get answers about your child’s current reading and comprehension skills with Lindamood-Bell’s complimentary Simple Screening for Learning. We’ll…

Lindamood-Bell Academy Offers a Better Way to Learn

4 Nov, 2021

  Especially now, attending school at Lindamood-Bell Academy can help your child experience more satisfaction and success at school. Our renowned evidence-based instruction, individualized curriculum, and highly engaged instruction provide a better way to learn.    See how Lindamood-Bell Academy made a difference for Gianna and her family:   Admission is rolling. It’s never too…

Education Personalized for Your Child: Lindamood-Bell Academy

18 Oct, 2021

  Especially now, the personalized approach to school at Lindamood-Bell academy is ideal for many students. The Academy is the only school that provides reading, comprehension, and skills development through individualized instruction and applies those skills to curriculum.   For over thirty years, we have believed passionately that all children can learn to their potential….

Prepare Your Child for Success This Fall

1 Sep, 2021

You can be confident that Lindamood-Bell Academy will provide your child with the highest quality education this school year. We customize a program of in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning so that your student and family feel comfortable. Our one-to-one approach allows us to be the most flexible and safe option for the 2021-22 school year. …

Get to Know Lindamood-Bell Academy—Virtual Tour

10 Aug, 2021

  At Lindamood-Bell Academy, we develop the imagery-language foundation to help students read, comprehend, and do math to their potential.    Our highly personalized approach to school is designed to meet the unique learning needs of each student.    Our evidence-based instruction, standards-aligned curriculum, and engaged, dynamic staff can make the difference of a lifetime…

Lindamood-Bell Academy: Enroll Now for Special Savings

3 Aug, 2021

THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER VALID. Many parents are looking for a personalized approach to school that is designed to meet the unique needs of their student, especially after the pandemic-related closures and concerns about learning loss.    At Lindamood-Bell Academy, we develop the imagery-language foundation to help students read, comprehend, and do math to…

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Don't let another year go by without taking steps toward improving your child's learning. At Lindamood-Bell Academy, students improve their core skills and thrive in a standards-aligned curriculum. Get info about a personalized education plan for your child at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
If your child fell further behind this year our personalized Summer Instruction can help! Students of all ages and abilities make years of academic gain in reading, comprehension, or math, in a matter of weeks. Attend in-person, online or both—and still have plenty of time to enjoy summer. Get info at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Our philosophy has always been that all individuals can be taught to read and comprehend to their potential. Are you or someone you know interested in being a part of Lindamood-Bell? Details and locations at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
After years in special education, this family made the switch to Lindamood-Bell Academy. Within weeks, they witnessed a “monumental difference” in their son’s reading ability and his attitude about school. 
Watch the entire testimonial at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Your student can improve core skills and start thriving in school—at Lindamood-Bell Academy! Enroll now for the 2022-23 school year and receive 50% off the first month of tuition. Get info!
🎧 New Podcast Episode 🎧 
Our guest, Dr. Patrick Sayne, is a former superintendent of Paso Robles Joint Unified School District and currently serves as a consultant to California public schools. Dr. Sayne shared his perspective on post-pandemic schooling, reading instruction, community input on education, and the future of the teaching profession. Listen at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
You can count on Lindamood-Bell for flexible, fun summer learning. Catch up or get ahead in reading, comprehension, or math to prepare for the upcoming school year. Get info about a customized summer program for your student at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
✨New Testimonial ✨
Watch this family’s entire story at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
We teach individuals of all ages and abilities how to read and comprehend to their potential. Reach out about Summer Learning—your child can catch up or get back on track and go back to school with confidence.
Lindamood-Bell Academy is a unique private school.
Instruction is based on an individual’s learning needs. We develop the imagery-language foundation for language and literacy skills and apply those skills to curriculum and content. Students thrive with our evidence-based, personalized schooling! Enroll now for 2022-23 and secure savings on your child's first month. Get info at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
New Podcast Episode! "A lightbulb went off! A teen learns how to read and comprehend to her potential." 
Our guest, Karen, describes her daughter's struggles with schoolwork and the effect of personalized Lindamood-Bell instruction. Listen and subscribe at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial
This summer, students can catch up or get ahead in Reading, Comprehension, or Math.
Our evidence-based instruction is fun and effective, both live online and in-person.
We help students make years of growth in a matter of weeks! Learn more at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
We're hiring individuals to work as Tutors (clinicians) in our Learning Centers and Seasonal Learning Camps. You can help make a difference for struggling students!
📣 Paid training in our founders' evidence-based programs
📣 Hiring bonus may be available 
Find your location and apply at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
When your child is struggling with learning, it can be hard to figure out what's going on and how to help. Our Learning Ability Evaluation can provide the answers you need.
Find out why your child struggles with reading or comprehension—and get a personalized summer instruction plan that can make the difference of a lifetime. Get started at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
Imagine your child going back to school with improved reading skills and new confidence!
Our summer instruction helps kids make years of gain in a matter of weeks.
It's all one-to-one so we only focus on what your child needs, using our unique evidence-based approach. Learn more at the link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
We're hiring energetic positive individuals to work at Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers and Seasonal Learning Camps. Get details about local opportunities and apply online! Link in bio, @lindamoodbellofficial.
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