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Get This Summer Started! | Special $100 Savings

18 Oct, 2018

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about using summertime for learning. While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students have an opportunity to use summer to give their child the ultimate gift of learning — to ensure a great next year.  …

Report Cards: A-Z

11 Oct, 2018

You may find your child’s report card crumpled up in the bottom of her backpack or hidden in the back of her dresser drawers. She may not even understand what the letters or numbers stand for — she just knows she’s seen a lot of angry red marks on her test papers.   Or maybe…

Extended Early Bird Savings! Minimise Summer Learning Loss

4 Oct, 2018

For many students, three months away from school can lead to measurable learning loss in critical academic skills. This is especially true for students who struggle with reading, comprehension, or maths.   Students of all ages and learning abilities can spend part of their summer at our learning centre and turn what could have been…

The Imagery-Language Foundation for Maths

27 Sep, 2018

Many students can grasp addition and subtraction problems using maths manipulatives. But take away the concrete objects and their understanding seems to disappear.   Manipulatives are a very helpful visual representation, but maths students of all ages need to learn to visualise what numbers mean as well.   Mathematics is cognitive processing, or thinking, that…

Enrol Now! Summer Programs for Reading, Comprehension, and Maths

20 Sep, 2018

Summer learning at Lindamood-Bell is individualised to meet the learning needs of each student in a short amount of time. Because it’s one-to-one, we’ll only spend time on what your child needs.   We’ll start with a learning evaluation to uncover the strengths and weaknesses that affect academic performance. In a results consultation, we will…

Lindamood-Bell Learning Camps

13 Sep, 2018

So far, Lindamood-Bell has taught over 40,000 students to read and comprehend to their potential. We are able to reach students, in part, by bringing our Learning Camps to new communities every year.   A Learning Camp is an extension of a Learning Centre that is open 4-12 weeks—enough time to change learning for many…

A Learning Ability Evaluation Like No Other | Special Savings

7 Sep, 2018

Our success with students starts with our unique Learning Ability Evaluation. We identify strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting performance in reading, comprehension, and maths.   Learning Ability Evaluation   Evaluation administered in person or online Standardised measures of reading, comprehension, and maths Identification of strengths and weaknesses Consultation to explain findings Learning Skills…

Open Day at Your Local Learning Centre

6 Sep, 2018

You’re invited to our DREAM BIG for Learning Open Day.   Stop by or stay as long as you like. Meet our dedicated staff, peek in on student sessions and get your questions answered.   Learn about summer instruction for reading, comprehension, and maths. Our intensive instruction often results in extraordinary gains in just a…

5 Signs of Comprehension Weakness

30 Aug, 2018

Students with decoding issues, including dyslexia, can be easy to spot. They often miscall words (e.g. breakfast as “basket”); their oral reading is slow and “choppy;” and spelling is tough to master. It is important to identify these students who struggle, so they can get the help they need.   Unfortunately, there are many students…

4 Signs Your Child Needs Reading Help

23 Aug, 2018

It is only natural for parents to wonder how their child’s reading stacks up next to peers. This is especially the case when there is an older sibling or friend in the picture who seemed to breeze through the process.  It is not always clear whether a child has a weakness that needs to be…

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