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[Infographic] Why Your Child Might Be Struggling in School

19 Mar, 2020

Double-down on homework time? Create incentives for good grades? We encourage families to seek specific answers as to why an individual child is struggling. This infographic, “Why is my child struggling in school?” walks through two primary factors that impact language and literacy. Getting Answers If school is hard for your child, you need to…

Planning Ahead: Prepare Your Child for a Successful Year

13 Mar, 2020

For many students, a new school year comes with the promise of a fresh start. They eagerly fill their backpacks with sharpened pencils and notebooks for each subject. But for students who struggle in school, their bags quickly get weighed down with anxiety, stress, and waning self-confidence as the long year looms on the horizon….

April Holidays: Imagine Better Learning Skills

4 Mar, 2020

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about using term break for academics. While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students need to consider that time off from learning may compound their students’ difficulties when they return to their classrooms. Students at our…

Partnering with You in Education

27 Feb, 2020

Every summer, our intensive instruction results in extraordinary gains for students in just a matter of weeks. Spending part of a summer with us can be one of the most positive learning experiences of a child’s life. So, it’s important to us that the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center experience doesn’t stop on a student’s last day!…

Back-to-School Tips: Imagine Better Mornings

20 Feb, 2020

Perhaps your kids just spent the summer at camp. Or they spent long hours in the pool or at the beach. Maybe lazy days were spent reconnecting with friends and family. Regardless, the back-to-school transition may be a big change for your family. Why not take this opportunity to establish new habits that contribute to…

Tips for Parents | When Your Child Needs Homework Help

13 Feb, 2020

Kids with learning or attention issues can have a tough time with homework, no matter how hard they try. As a parent, you know the importance of completing homework and developing strong study skills, but it can be hard to know how to be supportive without doing too much. Students should get the learning benefit…

Imagine School Year Success

5 Feb, 2020

  We believe every student can experience school year success. If school is hard, we can help you find out why and provide the help your child needs to thrive. How can we help your child? Read on for typical solutions.   Sensory-Cognitive Instruction Students who need help may have a weakness that is affecting…

Back to School 2020 | Tips for a Successful School Year

30 Jan, 2020

  For many students, back-to-school season comes with the promise of a fresh start and another fun and successful year of learning. They eagerly fill their backpacks with sharpened pencils and new notebooks for each subject. But, students who struggle in school may instead be preoccupied with waning self-confidence as another tough school year looms…

Your Child’s First Year at School: Tips for Parents

10 Jan, 2020

  A generation ago, preschool and kindergarten days were filled with activities like coloring, water play, making friends, and learning to be peaceful at nap time.   And, while reading and spelling may have been introduced in kindergarten, there was nothing like today’s pressure about school readiness. Sure, there are still art, music, and games,…

It’s Not Too Late to Increase Learning This Summer

19 Dec, 2019

Imagine your child returning to school in the fall with better skills, ready to tackle the new year. Students can spend part of their summer gaining reading, comprehension, and math skills at our learning center.   Summer instruction at Lindamood-Bell is individualized to meet the needs of each student. Students who are currently struggling with…

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