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Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide

6 Dec, 2018

Months away from school can lead to measurable learning loss in skills like reading. Teachers know all about “the summer slide”— students come back to school out of practise, maybe forgetting some of what they learned. For this reason, your child’s teacher may have encouraged families to make reading a summer priority.  We’ve gathered a…

The Magic of Summer Learning

29 Nov, 2018

The Right Time Many families are new to using summertime for learning—dreaming only of endless summer days with family and friends. We agree that students, especially those who struggle, do need a break from school. But for many students, three months away from academics can lead to measurable learning loss in skills like reading and…

The First Step to Summer Learning | Special Savings!

15 Nov, 2018

Our success with students starts with our unique Learning Ability Evaluation. We identify strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting performance in reading, comprehension, and maths.   Learning Ability Evaluation   10+ standardised measures of reading, comprehension, and maths Identification of strengths and weaknesses Online or at one of our locations Consultation to explain findings…

Summer Reading Tips for Parents

8 Nov, 2018

During the school year, reading is built into a child’s day. They are reading from the board, assignment sheets and books throughout school and during homework time. Parents may feel challenged when trying to squeeze reading onto the summer schedule. No matter where your summer adventures take your family, it’s important to include regular reading…

What May be Missing When Your Reader Struggles?

5 Nov, 2018

  When a student struggles with reading, extra help typically focuses on sounding out words and spelling rules. Unfortunately, after months of hard work and frustration, many students continue to struggle with year-level text.   Perhaps they can sound out words, but it is slow and laboured. They may take so long to sound out…

The Summer Learning Plan for When the Teacher Suggests Reading Help

1 Nov, 2018

Teachers always encourage students to read as much as they can over summer break. But if your last parent-teacher conference came with a specific suggestion—to get reading support during the summer months—you are likely considering one of the following:   1. Reading more with your child, teaching him/her to read yourself 2. Having a “reading…

Join Nanci Bell for a Virtual Open Day

25 Oct, 2018

DREAM BIG for learning this summer!   Meet Nanci Bell and experience her lifelong passion for making a difference.   Learn about summer instruction for reading, comprehension, and maths.     Find a learning centre near you, including many Learning Camp locations, or call us.   Double Bay (02) 9328 7119 | Chatswood (02) 9410…

Get This Summer Started! | Special $100 Savings

18 Oct, 2018

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about using summertime for learning. While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students have an opportunity to use summer to give their child the ultimate gift of learning — to ensure a great next year.  …

Report Cards: A-Z

11 Oct, 2018

You may find your child’s report card crumpled up in the bottom of her backpack or hidden in the back of her dresser drawers. She may not even understand what the letters or numbers stand for — she just knows she’s seen a lot of angry red marks on her test papers.   Or maybe…

Extended Early Bird Savings! Minimise Summer Learning Loss

4 Oct, 2018

For many students, three months away from school can lead to measurable learning loss in critical academic skills. This is especially true for students who struggle with reading, comprehension, or maths.   Students of all ages and learning abilities can spend part of their summer at our learning centre and turn what could have been…

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