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Special Savings: A Learning Ability Evaluation Like No Other

15 Nov, 2017

Our success with students starts with our unique Learning Ability Evaluation. We identify strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting performance in reading, comprehension, and maths.   Learning Ability Evaluation   10+ standardised measures of reading, comprehension, and maths Identification of strengths and weaknesses Consultation to explain findings Learning Skills Measured   ✔ Sounding Out…

How to Incorporate Reading into Your Summer Routine

9 Nov, 2017

During the school year, reading is built into a child’s day. They are reading from the board, assignment sheets and books throughout school and during homework time. Parents may feel challenged when trying to squeeze reading onto the summer schedule. No matter where your summer adventures take your family, it’s important to include regular reading…

When the Teacher Suggests Reading Help: Summer Learning Solutions

2 Nov, 2017

Teachers always encourage students to read as much as they can over summer break. But if your last parent-teacher conference came with a specific suggestion—to get reading support during the summer months—you are likely considering one of the following:   1. Reading more with your child, teaching him/her to read yourself 2. Having a “reading…

Summer Programs as Unique as Your Child!

26 Oct, 2017

Summer learning at Lindamood-Bell is individualised to meet the learning needs of each student in a short amount of time. Because it’s one-to-one, we will only spend time on what your child needs. Programs we offer:     Students who are currently struggling with reading get the skills they need to make reading easier. Strong…

Special Savings on Learning, so Let’s Get This Summer Started!

19 Oct, 2017

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about using summertime for learning. While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students have an opportunity to use summer to give their child a great next year.   Summer instruction at Lindamood-Bell is individualised to meet…

Maths: The Imagery-Language Foundation

12 Oct, 2017

Many students can grasp addition and subtraction problems using maths manipulatives. But take away the concrete objects and their understanding seems to disappear.   Manipulatives are a very helpful visual representation, but maths students of all ages need to learn to visualise what numbers mean as well.   Mathematics is cognitive processing, or thinking, that…

Extended through 20 October – Early Bird Savings!

5 Oct, 2017

Summer Sessions filling now. In just a few weeks, we can change reading, comprehension, or maths. Summer is a great time to make this happen for your child.  Make your plans now and enjoy special savings.   Enrol for summer sessions by 20 October and receive Early Bird Savings:   5% discount off the first…

Learning Centre Open Day – Watch Video Now

28 Sep, 2017

Despite working harder than their peers or receiving support from a tutor, some students still struggle to read fluently and accurately. They may recognise words on one page only to have to sound them out on the next. This can be due to a weakness in symbol imagery — the ability to create mental imagery…

Lindamood-Bell Seasonal Learning Clinics

21 Sep, 2017

So far, Lindamood-Bell has taught over 40,000 students to read and comprehend to their potential. We are able to reach students, in part, by bringing our Seasonal Learning Clinics to new communities every year.   A Seasonal Learning Clinic is an extension of a Learning Centre that is open 4-12 weeks—enough time to change learning…

The ABCs of Report Cards

14 Sep, 2017

For some students, the phrase “report card” comes with a sense of dread. As a parent, it can be hard to gauge how things are really going at school if your student is tight-lipped about his day and his report card feels like a jumble of letters or percentages.   After getting straight A’s last…

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