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Lindamood-Bell has evolved

from a small Learning Center in San Luis Obispo, CA
to an organization with over 50 Learning Centers
and dozens of seasonal Learning Camps.


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Live, online instruction available from home!

Help for reading, comprehension, and math is available wherever you are.


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Walk through our doors. You’ll notice the difference.

Our welcoming and comfortable space sets the climate for student learning.

We are committed to teaching

all children and adults to read and comprehend. Our evidence-based instruction is our foundation.

We strive to provide exceptional instruction

at each of our Learning Centers, where we can control the primary factors that impact the quality of how our programs are implemented with students.

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What To Expect

  • 1 st
  • 2 nd
  • 3 rd
  • 4 th
  • 5 th

    “It’s like getting a fingerprint of your child’s
    unique learning profile.”

    In our two- to four-hour learning ability evaluation, we accurately assess individual strengths and weaknesses in reading, comprehension, and math.

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  • Consultation

    “Our careful, thought-out decision to come
    to Lindamood-Bell was a difficult one,
    but it has CHANGED HER LIFE.”

    During the consultation, we will specifically explain each test and, if needed, recommend instruction.

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  • Instruction

    “You have a great organization… one that
    I would recommend to anyone who has a learning problem.”

    A Lindamood-Bell Learning Center or Learning Camp is the only place to receive our unique, sensory-cognitive instruction.

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  • Success

    “You did more than teach Julie to read,
    you gave her the self confidence to succeed
    in life.”

    Continual oversight by our instruction team and regular updates keep you informed about progress.

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  • Support

    “When we say we change learning for life,
    we mean it!”

    School-year support for students and their parents is part of our instruction.

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Learn More About Our Instruction

Our instruction helps a wide range of individuals, children & adults, by developing the language processing
that is critical to becoming a proficient learner.


Difficulty with reading words on the page, recognizing sight words, reading fluency, and spelling. Students with these symptoms may be labeled as dyslexic.


Establish the underlying skills of symbol imagery, phoneme awareness, and orthographic processing.


Difficulty with understanding, remembering, inferring, following directions, and critical thinking from written and oral material.


Develop concept imagery to create mental representations for oral and written language. (Like making a movie in your mind’s eye.)


Difficulty holding math facts, functional concepts, weakness with word problem solving skills.


Apply symbol and concept imagery to arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. This improves computational skills and the ability to solve word problems.

Lindamood-Bell does not diagnose, or label, any individuals we work with; however, many students have come to us with a previous diagnosis.

These self-reported labels have included:

Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) {Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)}, Specific Learning Disability; Others: Down Syndrome, CAPD, Fragile X, TBI, Deaf, Gifted

Many adults experience weakness in one or more sensory-cognitive areas. These challenges may affect their work performance and limit their opportunities for advancement.

Instruction is differentiated and specific to the adult student’s need. Many of our adult students find great success.

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