Tips for Using a Homework Planner

Sep 23, 2015

These simple tips come from our years of experience helping students bridge what they learn at Lindamood-Bell to the classroom. Click below for tips on the best practices to help your son or daughter organize their homework planner in order to keep classroom assignments from getting out of control.

Is Reading a Challenge? This Can Really Help.

Sep 23, 2015

Some students can understand easily when someone else is reading or while listening to books on tape. But when they read themselves, they complain that it’s boring, or that it takes too long, often leading to high levels of frustration and angst for both parents and students. Students who have a hard time with reading often…

Young readers learn with help of robots

Sep 23, 2015

With the help of four robots, instructors at Tullahoma City Schools and Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes have teamed up to provide another innovative way to educate students.

Learning is Always in Style:

Sep 10, 2015

Learning is always in style: reading and comprehension help for your unique child. The weaknesses affecting school can be identified and strengthened.

“This is BORING!”: The #1 reason kids say this (It’s not what you think!)

Sep 2, 2015

“This is BORING!”: The #1 reason kids say this (It’s not what you think!) If you are looking for ideas for “engaging topics” you may want to stop reading. Really. This article is for the homeschool teachers who have excellent materials and ideas but are still experiencing frustration over kids who “hate reading,” and seem…

A New Study About Mental Images

Aug 26, 2015

For more than thirty years, Lindamood-Bell co-founder Nanci Bell has been working to educate parents, education professionals, and researchers about what she identified as concept imagery ability. Published in 1986, her book Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking discusses concept imagery ability, and concept imagery weakness, a condition that scientists are recently terming aphantasia. Visualizing and…

Back to School Tips

Jul 28, 2015

“Next Year is Going to be Different!” — Top 4 areas to tackle before school starts.

UAB Study: Improved Reading and Brain Activity Following Visualizing and Verbalizing Instruction

Jul 22, 2015

Lindamood-Bell Press Release Study Cites Improved Reading and Brain Activity in Children with Autism Following Visualizing and Verbalizing® Instruction A new study released by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), in which a group of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) received 10 weeks of intensive instruction utilizing the Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language…

An Urban School District and Our Learning Center on Campus

Jul 21, 2015

A new video highlights how a large, urban school district partnered with Lindamood-Bell’s Learning Center on Campus to help children learn to read and comprehend. Click the link below to watch.

UAB Study on Children with Autism: Improved Reading and Brain Activity, Utilized Lindamood-Bell Instruction

Jun 25, 2015

University of Alabama at Birmingham press release   Autistic children improved reading and brain activity after 10-week reading intervention by Jeff Hansen June 23, 2015 Print Email Ten weeks of intensive reading intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder was enough to strengthen the activity of loosely connected areas of their brains that work together to…

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