Back to School: Strategies & Tips for a Successful School Year

Sep 27, 2019

For many students, back-to-school season comes with the promise of a fresh start and another fun and successful year of learning. They eagerly fill their backpacks with sharpened pencils and new notebooks for each subject. But for students who struggle in school, they may instead be preoccupied with anxiety, stress, and waning self-confidence as another…

Now is a Great Time for Instruction

Sep 19, 2019

Fall is a great time to consider how changing your child’s learning could make a huge difference this school year. While summer is a busy time in our learning centers, many families come for instruction in the fall and take advantage of savings available only September-May.      Learn more, save more Enjoy up to…

Lindamood-Bell Academy Can Make the Difference of a Lifetime for Your Child.

Sep 12, 2019

Watch our virtual Open House to learn more about this great solution for all students!    The Lindamood-Bell Academy is a private K-12 school that addresses a student’s underlying learning ability and provides a full curriculum.    Students can attend online, in-person at a Learning Center, or a combination of both.    If you have…

A Middle Schooler Finds Success at Lindamood-Bell Academy

Sep 6, 2019

  John struggled at his public middle school. He was unhappy and was picked on almost daily. His family found the right fit for him at Lindamood-Bell Academy.     At Lindamood-Bell Academy, we help close the gap between potential and performance. Our instruction is flexible and differentiated to meet students where they are and…

[Podcast Episode] Mandy Melville, President of Creative Language-Based Learning and Lindamood-Bell Learning Center Parent

Aug 30, 2019

Mandy Melville is the parent of a child with dyslexia. During school holidays the family traveled from their home in Jamaica to receive specialized instruction at the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center in Miami. On one of their trips, her son asked, ‘Mummy, why am I the only child that has to go away for extra lessons?’”…

Find Success for Your Student with Lindamood-Bell Academy

Aug 28, 2019

  Lindamood-Bell Academy (LBA) is a K-12 private school where we address each student’s learning ability and offer a full curriculum.      Our Students Our unique learning model with a flexible and differentiated curriculum allows all types of students to thrive, including:   Accelerated learners Learners who need a flexible environment Students with challenging…

Save this Season! | A Learning Ability Evaluation Like No Other

Aug 26, 2019

Our success with students starts with our unique Learning Ability Evaluation. We identify strengths and weaknesses that may be affecting performance in reading, comprehension, and math.   Learning Ability Evaluation   Evaluation administered in person or online Standardized measures of reading, comprehension, and math Identification of strengths and weaknesses Consultation to explain findings Learning Skills…

Imagine a Better School Year – Free Parent Workshop

Aug 26, 2019

  This event has ended. For further information or questions regarding our instruction, please contact your local Learning Center or call us at 800.300.1818.   Coming soon to your Learning Center, a free event for parents you won’t want to miss.    In our free 30-minute workshop, we’ll cover ways to establish the imagery-language foundation for homework. …

Imagine School Year Success

Aug 23, 2019

We believe every student can experience school year success. If school is hard, we can help you find out why and provide the help your child needs to thrive.   How can we help your child? Read on for typical solutions.   Sensory-Cognitive Instruction Students who need help may have a weakness that is affecting…

Professional Development Reaches More Teachers in Jamaica

Aug 23, 2019

Over the past three years, more than 150 teachers from across Jamaica have received Lindamood-Bell professional development and coaching to increase literacy for struggling readers and students with learning disabilities. The partnership with Creative Language-Based Learning is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Youth and Information, and is in collaboration with the Culture, Health,…

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