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World Autism Awareness Day | Improving Comprehension for Students with Autism

Apr 2, 2021

In recognition of  World Autism Awareness Day, we are sharing our belief in the learning potential of all individuals—including people on the autism spectrum. Please join us in support of acceptance and understanding—today and throughout the year.

Improving Comprehension for Students with Autism

Peer-Reviewed Research

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Cognition, Brain and Autism Center collaborated with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes to study the comparative effects of Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V) on the brains of children on the Autism Spectrum. This fMRI study, highlighted in several peer-reviewed papers, examined activity in the language areas of the brain during comprehension tasks.

 Dr. Kana, the head of the study, reported that “V/V resulted in changing brain response patterns in children with autism – more focused, specialized brain activity and functional connectivity as a result of intervention.” Associated significant increases in language comprehension were noted against matched controls.

Note. Figure used with author’s permission.

Read about the effect of Lindamood-Bell instruction with students on the autism spectrum. Download summaries and get links to full articles published in scholarly journals on the Research & Development pages of our website.

Click here to view the research.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Cognition, Brain and Autism Center studied the effects of Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V) on the brains of children on the autism spectrum. Watch a video that features lead researcher, Dr. Rajesh Kana, and participating families.


Rajesh Kana, Ph.D., Professor and director of the Cognition, Brain, and Autism Lab at the University of Alabama

Dr. Kana discusses current initiatives at the lab.  His efforts focus on the study of individuals with autism and interventions that can affect learning and brain function. 

A University of Alabama-led study of an intensive reading intervention is now enrolling participants. For more information: (205) 202-0616

Visualizing and Verbalizing Results for Students with Autism

Average Age: 11.9

Number of Students: 871

Average Hours of Instruction: 131.9

Program Implemented: Visualizing and Verbalizing

Download results of Lindamood-Bell Learning Center instruction for all students, including those on the autism spectrum.

In the News

Read this article in Exceptional Parent Magazine.

Learning at Lindamood-Bell

Lindamood-Bell instruction is based on the learning needs of each student. We can make a difference for students of all ages and abilities, including students with autism. Many students with an autism diagnosis have received instruction using Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking (V/V).  

Contact us for information about instruction at our Learning Centers, including one-to-one summer instruction and instruction starting now, live-online or safe in-person where allowed. Find out about Online Instruction here.

Families seeking a complete school solution can explore Lindamood-Bell Academy, our K-12 private school, live online or safe, in-person where allowed. Now enrolling for the 2021-22 school year.

Educators can attend  teacher workshops to learn the steps of our evidence-based approach. Learn more about our online professional development here.

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