Open House at your local Learning Center

Feb 9, 2018

    This event has ended. For further information or questions regarding our instruction, please contact your local Learning Center or call us at 800.300.1818.                     You’re invited to our Open House.   Learn about summer instruction for reading, comprehension, and math.   We’d love to show you…

Join Nanci Bell for a Virtual Open House

Feb 8, 2018

DREAM BIG for learning this summer!   Meet Nanci Bell and experience her lifelong passion for making a difference.   Learn about summer instruction for reading, comprehension, and math.    A Free Virtual Open House with Nanci Bell   Find your Learning Center

Your Learning Checkup | A Prescription for Success

Feb 2, 2018

When it comes to physical health and making sure your child feels their best, there are lots of steps we routinely take — from immunizations and teeth cleanings to general conversations with the pediatrician about your child’s health and wellness.   Similarly, a learning checkup can provide vital information about how things are going for…

Early Bird Savings | Minimize Summer Learning Loss

Jan 26, 2018

Summer is a great time to get help with reading, comprehension, or math. In just a few weeks’ time, we can make years of change so your child can go back to school with new confidence. Also, working on crucial skills can minimize the learning loss that takes place for many students.   Enjoy a…

Get the Connection: Real Help for Your Students with Dyslexia

Jan 22, 2018

When a student has been diagnosed with dyslexia, extra help typically focuses on phonics, or sounding out words, and spelling rules. Unfortunately, many students, even those who have had years of extra help, continue to struggle.   Perhaps they sound out a word eventually—but it is slow and labored. They may take so long to…

Imagine a Fresh Start | Turn Things Around at School

Jan 19, 2018

  “My teacher hates me!” James exclaimed as he threw his backpack onto the kitchen floor. “She always yells at me for talking or not paying attention, but I am paying attention!”   For parents, it can be disheartening to hear that your child feels disliked or disrespected by his teacher — even if you…

Academic Support for College Students | Making the Most of Second Semester

Jan 12, 2018

  “You’re not trying hard enough.” “Stop being so lazy!” Walt hears the voices of his parents and former teachers echoing in his brain as he tries to write his English paper.  Though Walt has a high IQ and is bright, his grades don’t seem to reflect that. He often forgets to turn in his…

Imagine Better Homework | A Parent Workshop

Jan 5, 2018

  If your child has a learning or attention issue, it can be tough to maintain good homework habits. Resolving to “establish a daily routine,” for example, may not affect why it is difficult for a student to complete homework in the first place. They may be missing a crucial step that good students are…

Lindamood-Bell Online Instruction: Flexible and Interactive!

Dec 29, 2017

  Juggling after-school activities, homework and a social life is challenging for any student — but for students who also need academic support, it can be almost impossible to find a way to fit it all in.   Luckily, technology has made it easier to streamline a lot of our daily activities. Lindamood-Bell offers online…

Is Weak Comprehension Making School Hard?

Dec 15, 2017

  “Time’s up!”   Looking around at her classmates, Lauri starts to worry—they all seem to have written more than she has. “Why do they all have highlighters out?” she wonders to herself. It’s too late to find out now, and even if there was time to ask, she’d be too embarrassed to be the…

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