Instruction Robot Connects Kodiak Island Borough Schools

May 19, 2015

There is a basic need for all kids to engage, connect, and belong. Kodiak Island Borough Schools in Alaska use the Instruction Robot to connect on-site, on a daily basis, with administrators, teachers, and students, even in the remotest of areas. The virtual presence aids in professional development with real-time coaching of teachers, and provides…


Putting Research Knowledge into Classroom Practice

May 13, 2015

For some scientists and researchers, understanding what enables children to learn to read is their mission, and recently, a peer-reviewed study has provided new knowledge about the brain and reading.

Nanci and Pat

Seasonal Learning Clinics: Fulfilling Pat and Nanci’s Vision for Learning

Apr 20, 2015

Pat Lindamood and Nanci Bell started Lindamood-Bell in 1986 with a vision to help each individual learn to his or her potential. So far, we have made a difference for 35,000 students. We realize this vision, in part, by bringing our Seasonal Learning Clinics to new communities every year.


Lindamood-Bell Instruction Makes a Difference for Students. . .Everywhere!

Apr 20, 2015

For decades, we have had the pleasure of teaching students around the world to read and comprehend. Our international locations embody our vision to help all students learn to their potential.


“Lucky” the Robot Goes to Class

Apr 8, 2015

A new era of instruction options from Lindamood-Bell is happening.  Expanding across the country are the new instruction robots to help us provide direct instruction in schools with minimal expense. Read Article from Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin.

Nanci and Pat

What does it mean to ‘Dream Big for Learning?’

Mar 13, 2015

We asked Nanci Bell: “What does it mean to ‘Dream Big for Learning?’” In 1986, Pat Lindamood and I established the first Lindamood-Bell Learning Center. Our vision was to help each child reach his or her potential, no matter the age, no matter the previous diagnosis, nor the extent of the struggle with learning to…


Lindamood-Bell Around the World

Mar 13, 2015

Exciting Things are Happening at Our International Locations in 2015: Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers are returning to Asia! We are pleased to be conducting overviews and testings in Singapore and Tokyo, starting in early March. We look forward to catching up with the students and families we got to know last year, and we look forward to…


Learning Difficulties: How do you Know?

Dec 23, 2014

The primary cause of language comprehension problems is difficulty creating an imaged gestalt, or whole, from oral and written language.


The Key to Reading Confidence

Dec 23, 2014

The processing of parts instead of the whole (gestalt) contributes to a range of learning difficulties.


Instruction for Adults & College Students

Nov 5, 2014

All Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers provide instruction for adults. This includes individuals who are completing high school, college students, and those in the working world. They may be struggling to keep up with their coursework or consistently confused at work or in social situations. Our unique style of intensive differentiated instruction focuses on finding the most effective…

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