Holiday Survival Tips

Nov 17, 2015

For kids, the sensory overload from increased activities and altered schedules often triggers stress and outbursts. For kids with learning challenges, changes to the usual routine can be especially disruptive.


Winter Break Instruction Special

Nov 13, 2015

Receive 5 Free Instruction Hours when you enroll for at least 20 hours of instruction during Winter Break.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov 9, 2015

Parent-teacher conferences can be stressful. We are here to help with a Winter Break Special.

3 Best Activities for Kindergarten Learning

Nov 4, 2015

  Parent Guide: The 3 Best Activities for Boosting Kindergarten Learning  If your child is in Kindergarten this year, you know your teacher has a long list of goals to accomplish. The skills likely include: Letter names and sounds Sounding out for reading and writing Sight word recognition and spelling Printing letters and numbers Understanding stories…

How to Create a Good Study Space for Your Child

Oct 29, 2015

Do your kids dread studying?  Click below for some simple tips to create a productive and enjoyable study space for all types of students.  

Lindamood-Bell Celebrates Our Troops!

Oct 29, 2015

On Tuesday, November 10th, all 59 of our US Learning Centers celebrated our 6th annual Thank-a-Thon by creating thousands of thank you cards and letters to be sent to our troops overseas.

We’re Flying our Kite High in the Land Down Under!

Oct 27, 2015

We’re Flying our Kite High in the Land Down Under!  Lindamood-Bell traveled to Brisbane, Australia in September to present our research at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference. Lindamood-Bell’s results with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders were featured. Researchers and educators from around the world gathered to share their latest findings about a range of important…

girl in classroom

Four Challenges Hindering Literacy Success in Urban Schools

Oct 20, 2015

Four Challenges Hindering Literacy Success in Urban Schools There are several challenges urban schools face while attempting to meet the needs of its diverse student population.  As one Public School Program Manager for Specialized Instruction put it, “As a district, we are heavily over-identified for special education services.  We have so many children that have IEPs, so many…

Tips for Using a Homework Planner

Sep 23, 2015

These simple tips come from our years of experience helping students bridge what they learn at Lindamood-Bell to the classroom. Click below for tips on the best practices to help your son or daughter organize their homework planner in order to keep classroom assignments from getting out of control.

Is Reading a Challenge? This Can Really Help.

Sep 23, 2015

Some students can understand easily when someone else is reading or while listening to books on tape. But when they read themselves, they complain that it’s boring, or that it takes too long, often leading to high levels of frustration and angst for both parents and students. Students who have a hard time with reading often…

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