Lindamood-Bell Academy: Students who Struggle with Reading

Despite having extensive phonics instruction, some students may still struggle to become fluent readers. They may have to sound out a new word every time they see it or have difficulty understanding what they’ve read because they are unable to read fluently and accurately. This may be due to a weakness in symbol imagery, which is the ability to visualize letters in words. Traditional reading help focuses on how to sound out words as well as reading and spelling rules. While these activities have value, they do not affect the necessary imagery-language connection. They do not change how a student is processing language. This is why reading may still be difficult for your child.


This weakness can be especially frustrating for students who are curious and love learning, leading many families to search out a non-traditional environment for school.


If your child is the type of learner who soaks up information about science and history when someone else reads it, they may benefit from the unique approach at Lindamood-Bell Academy. An accredited private school for grades K-12, the Academy is able to provide a fully differentiated school day including math, science, history and language arts in addition to Seeing Stars instruction, which works to develop phonemic awareness, sight words and spelling.



We believe all students can learn to read to their potential, including those with a previous diagnosis of dyslexia. Our imagery-language instruction has been validated in several studies. In a recent fMRI study, neurological changes and significant reading improvements held or increased after instruction. Read these results here. One of the study authors, Guinevere Eden, director of Georgetown University’s Center for the Study of Learning, was recently interviewed for the NPR series, Unlocking Dyslexia. In How Science Is Rewiring The Dyslexic Brain, Dr. Eden explains what is happening in the brain of someone with dyslexia when they read and how the brain can be “rewired” with intensive intervention. Lindamood-Bell is featured throughout the series. Get the series here.


The Right School for Each Student

Lindamood-Bell Academy is student-centered. Our low teacher-student ratio allows us to provide a school that is highly customized to rates of learning and each student’s curriculum is tailored specifically to their learning needs. If a student needs to spend more time on a subject, that’s OK!  Student days are infused with celebrations of their individual success and is non-competitive.   The individualized curriculum allows a student to make progress with content in various academic areas while simultaneously receiving remediation in the mechanics of reading if necessary. In sum, our Academy combines Lindamood-Bell expertise with curriculum. The learning needs of each child are addressed so they are ready to learn. And then they do.


Is Lindamood-Bell Academy Right for Your Child? Call us to learn more, discuss your child’s needs, or to schedule an interview, 800-300-1818.

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