Lindamood-Bell Academy: Who Are Our Students? | Enroll for the 2018-19 School Year

Lindamood-Bell Academy’s flexible and differentiated curriculum—both in person and online—means that the Academy can be the right school choice for all types of students, including:


  • Accelerated Learners
  • Learners Who Need a Flexible Environment
  • Students with Challenging Schedules
  • Homeschool Families
  • Students Who Struggle with Reading
  • Students Who Struggle with Comprehension
  • Students Who Have School Anxiety

We develop the imagery-language foundation for success in language processing and success in all curriculum. Our research-validated instruction and individualized learning plans help your child truly thrive.


“They know how to teach my brain.”


Brooklyn was struggling in school and a specialist recommended that Brooklyn’s family check out Lindamood-Bell Academy.


Watch the video below to see how the Academy turned out to be a great fit for meeting her learning needs, while nurturing her endless curiosity!



“I’m learning so much I don’t want to stop going!”


Although Shane felt like some had given up on him, he amazingly maintained a positive outlook. He’s now thriving at the Lindamood-Bell Academy.



Find out how Academy can be the right solution for your child.


Want to learn more or discuss a learning plan for your child? Get in touch.


The Academy is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. We can’t wait to use our research-validated instruction and individualized learning plans to help make your child’s school dreams come true.


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