Critical Features of a Successful RtI Structure

Mar 16, 2017

Though evidence-based approaches for intensive intervention are readily available, the numbers of students who struggle with learning, and are identified for Special Education services, continues to rise. Educators understand that Response to Intervention (RtI) is merely a framework and not a solution for giving students the help they need.


Our experience working in schools throughout the US has given us insight to the challenges faced by schools in their pursuit of strong Response to Intervention (RtI) practices. Schools partner with us for our expertise in aligning assessments with instruction for students in all tiers of instruction. Our programs address the skills needed for students to access any core curriculum. While district needs vary, we help apply our best practices to the biggest RtI challenges.


In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss key factors for a successful RtI plan, no matter the budget challenge or number of students who need help. Hear how schools are improving on their ability to identify and address the reasons students are identified for services in the first place, and how this can effectively lower the amount of students needing services overall. We will note the strategies being used successfully by high-needs schools, such as using summertime for bolstering professional development and providing intensive instruction.


This presentation is appropriate for administrators,  staff development coordinators, and lead teachers; this presentation will address the needs of a wide variety of populations, including special education, general education, and English language learners.


Lindamood-Bell® programs are endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education.

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