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For Homeschool Families There is New Help

22 Jun, 2017

For decades, homeschool families have turned to Lindamood-Bell for help with language and literacy skills.  We are pleased to share a new, convenient way for you to easily incorporate genuine Lindamood-Bell instruction into your homeschool program!   Introducing Lindamood-Bell Online Instruction Lindamood-Bell Online Instruction is located where each child needs to learn. This works well…

Tertiary Students and Academic Support

15 Jun, 2017

  Many young adults experience similar challenges as they make the transition from secondary school to tertiary education. Confronted with academic challenges they didn’t experience in secondary school, they can feel overwhelmed by the new educational environment.   Some common experiences are: Struggling to develop time management habits Difficulty prioritising and keeping up with class…

Special for Winter Break | Free Homework Matters

8 Jun, 2017

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about winter break. Parents of struggling students have to consider the effect that time off from learning may have.   At our learning centres, we provide a magical learning experience for students all year, and that includes school breaks. In this…

Imagine Better Homework | A Parent Workshop

31 May, 2017

If your child has a learning or attention issue, it can be tough to maintain good homework habits. Resolving to “establish a daily routine,” for example, may not affect why it is difficult for a student to complete homework in the first place. They may be missing a crucial step that good students are doing…

Lindamood-Bell Featured on NPR Series Unlocking Dyslexia

18 May, 2017

A New Story From NPR: Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It   A new story premiered on NPR titled Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It. The reporter, who was a student at Lindamood-Bell when she was younger, visited our Washington, DC Learning Centre this past summer and interviewed Centre Director Nancy Gregerson and some of…

Independent Study of Visualizing and Verbalizing™ and Autism Spectrum Disorder Featured in Exceptional Parent Magazine

11 May, 2017

The current issue of Exceptional Parent Magazine Features an independent study of Visualizing and Verbalizing™ and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  “The Science of Improved Language Comprehension: Brain Connectivity and Autism Spectrum Disorder,” summarises the groundbreaking results of a recent University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) study.   In this study, a group of children with ASD…

My Child is Struggling in School: Why?

5 May, 2017

When school is hard for your child, it can be difficult to know what to do. Hire a tutor? Double-down on homework time? Create incentives for good grades? We encourage families to seek specific answers as to why an individual child is struggling. This infographic, “Why is my child struggling in school?” walks through two…

How to Have a Great Parent-Teacher Conference

27 Apr, 2017

Kindergarten through high school, effective communication with your child’s teachers can contribute to school success. A shared view of your child’s strengths and challenges, goals for progress, and a workable plan, can pave the way for a great school year.   Yet, the anticipation of a parent-teacher conference can make some parents apprehensive. We have…

Get the Most Out of Your Child’s Progress Report: Tips

20 Apr, 2017

The end of the marking period is a time for parents to assess their child’s progress—to make sure they’re on track, improving in subjects, or to see if they need help. This is the time to note any areas of difficulty. It’s important to look carefully at each area of your child’s progress report—how are…

Imagery-Language Connection for Writing Tips

13 Apr, 2017

Book reports, essays, and even short responses, can cause frustration, panic, and, sometimes, even tears for many school age students. And it’s no wonder. Writing is a complex task that requires a lot: good thinking skills, organisation, spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as ease with a pencil, or keyboard.   Writing can be particularly…

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