Research Articles


Numerous peer-reviewed articles based on studies examining the effectiveness of the Lindamood-Bell programs have been published in scholarly journals.

Below, you will find information on these research articles including references, abstracts, links to the articles in their entirety, and more.

Expanding Access, Knowledge, and Participation for Learning Disabled Young Adults with Low Literacy

Shaw, D. M., & Disney, L. J. (2012). Expanding access, knowledge, and participation for learning disabled young adults with low literacy. Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary, and Basic Education, 1(3), 148-160. Retrieved from

Phonological Awareness Intervention: Comparison of Fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS

Pokorni, J. L., Worthington, C. K & Jamison, P. J. (2004). Phonological awareness intervention: Comparison of fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS. Journal of Educational Research, 97, 147-158. doi:10.3200/joer.97.3.147-158

Changes in intrinsic local connectivity after reading intervention in children with autism (2017)

Maximo, J. O., Murdaugh, D. L., O’Kelley, S., & Kana, R. K. (2017). Changes in intrinsic local connectivity after reading intervention in children with autism. Brain and Language, 175, 11-17. doi:10.1016/j.bandl.2017.08.008

Computer-Based Remedial Training in Phoneme Awareness and Phonological Decoding: Effects on the Posttraining Development of Word Recognition

Olson, R. K., Wise, B., Ring, J., & Johnson, M. (1997). Computer-based remedial training in phoneme awareness and phonological decoding: Effects on the posttraining development of work recognition. Scientific Studies of Reading, 1, 235-253. doi:10.1207/s1532799xssr0103_4

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