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Verbalization and Visualization Process: Its Applicability in EFL


Many educators involved in teaching English as a second language believe that teaching reading comprehension in English classrooms involves a conscious understanding of vocabulary and grammar. They believe so on the assumption that this will enable students to grasp the main ideas and make inferences. However, when students fail to do so, teachers attribute it to lack of knowledge about the English language. This is not always the case. One explanation of such comprehension problems could be the students’ inability to relate words to images. Bell (1991) introduced the process of Verbalization and visualization which focuses on how to teach students to use mental images to achieve a better understanding of written texts, and on language comprehension disorder among native speakers of English. As such, this study aims to investigate the applicability of Bell’s process of Verbalization and Visualization in the context of learning English as a second language. As such, this study utilizes and employs Bell’s process on learners of English as a second language, specifically those students in the Preparatory Year Program experiencing difficulties in reading comprehension. Results are reported and the significance of the findings are discussed.

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