Yearly Archives: 2017

UW study examines how the brains of students with dyslexia respond to intensive reading intervention (Seeing Stars)

13 Oct, 2017

Lindamood-Bell has partnered with many universities to study the neurological and behavioral effects of our sensory-cognitive instruction.   Currently, The University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) is conducting a study that examines how the brains of students with dyslexia respond to intensive reading intervention (Seeing Stars instruction).   We look forward…


How is School Really Going? | Tips for Using Progress Reports to Ensure a Successful Marking Period

13 Oct, 2017

“It was fine.”   “We didn’t really do anything.”   “It was okay, I guess.”   Students can be notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to sharing how their day at school was. It can be hard for parents to glean how things are really going: did your second grader eat their entire lunch? Is your…


Maths: The Imagery-Language Foundation

12 Oct, 2017

Many students can grasp addition and subtraction problems using maths manipulatives. But take away the concrete objects and their understanding seems to disappear.   Manipulatives are a very helpful visual representation, but maths students of all ages need to learn to visualise what numbers mean as well.   Mathematics is cognitive processing, or thinking, that…


Using Data to Drive Personalized Learning in the Classroom

11 Oct, 2017

Now more than ever, educators are meeting the needs of students who require an alternate learning path or support during their K12 career. In districts with a high level of learner diversity, the impact on resources can become formidable.   Join us for a 30 minute webinar, Using Data to Drive Personalized Learning in the…


Teacher PD that makes a difference | Spotlight on Cañon City School District

9 Oct, 2017

Cañon City School District is continuing into its second year of a three-year Colorado Department of Education literacy grant initiative. With the goal of changing outcomes for struggling readers, Cañon City partnered with Lindamood-Bell to provide teachers with workshops and ongoing coaching to develop their skills.   Participating teachers start out by learning the steps…


“Will he ever learn to love reading?” | Frequently Asked Questions from Parents of Children with Dyslexia

6 Oct, 2017

For Dyslexia Awareness Month we are sharing our belief that all individuals can be taught to read to their potential—including those who have a previous diagnosis of dyslexia.   Over the course of nearly three decades, Lindamood-Bell has worked with thousands of individuals. Sitting with a child or an adult who struggles to read a…


Extended through 20 October – Early Bird Savings!

5 Oct, 2017

Summer Sessions filling now. In just a few weeks, we can change reading, comprehension, or maths. Summer is a great time to make this happen for your child.  Make your plans now and enjoy special savings.   Enrol for summer sessions by 20 October and receive Early Bird Savings:   5% discount off the first…


Why Intensive Instruction Now?

29 Sep, 2017

  A bright and articulate third grader, Jacob shifts uncomfortably in his seat when his teacher announces that they’d be taking turns reading aloud. “Maybe if I ask to go to the bathroom, I’ll miss my turn,” he thinks.   Jacob has a high vocabulary and his teachers frequently tell him how smart he is,…


Learning Centre Open Day – Watch Video Now

28 Sep, 2017

Despite working harder than their peers or receiving support from a tutor, some students still struggle to read fluently and accurately. They may recognise words on one page only to have to sound them out on the next. This can be due to a weakness in symbol imagery — the ability to create mental imagery…


“That’s not how I learned it!” | Making Sense of Common Core Math

22 Sep, 2017

After growing up doing math problems on a chalkboard, being immersed in the world of iPads and Chromebooks can be daunting to parents. Add to that the Common Core Standards for math that involve “decomposing” and “anchoring,” and many adults are finding themselves overwhelmed and befuddled when it comes to trying to help tackle math…


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