Real Stories

Lindamood-Bell instruction changes lives

Our students and their families tell their stories.

Undeniable Learning Success | Real Stories

Meet a student who has a “fairly complicated learning profile;” her needs were not being addressed in her special education classroom. Though her parents pursued many interventions over the years, none of them made the difference they were looking for. In this short video, parents, Darcy and Mark, reflect on “the undeniable success” she finally experienced at Lindamood-Bell.

Student success story: Learning to read at 10 years old

Lenore’s 10-year-old son went from hardly recognizing sight words to hiding in closets to sneak in more reading time.

Jack’s new favorite subject is science! | Lindamood-Bell Academy

Even the most upbeat kid can feel down when faced with failure at school, day after day. Jack was a bright boy with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that was not making a difference. He couldn’t read, and was getting further and further behind his peers; his favorite subject was recess, where he could take a break from schoolwork altogether. Jack’s mom was determined to find the right school where her fun-loving kid could learn to his potential.

When she found the right environment for him, Jack did learn to read and comprehend. And love school. No longer wanting to escape academics, he now counts science as his favorite subject!

Imagine a Love of Reading: Summer Learning at Lindamood-Bell

While you’d like your son or daughter to love reading as much as you do, the reality may be just the opposite. In fact, they might even say they dislike reading and when they finally sit down with a book, there are cries of, “Am I done yet?” or “How many more pages?” every few minutes.

In this video, alumni parent, Melinda, describes how a Lindamood-Bell learning evaluation pinpointed exactly why her children were not excited about reading—and what could be done to help. While some students come to us with a diagnosis such as dyslexia, many students, like Melinda’s children, just need the right instruction to make learning easier.

Though Melinda’s kids were wary about using summertime for learning, she describes what made them go from “push back” to saying they had “the best summer ever.” She gives a parent’s perspective on what makes our learning center sessions so fun and effective, and how improved reading and comprehension have sparked a love of books for the family.

An Artist Learns How to Comprehend

A uniquely talented artist, Luke has endured medical challenges that have affected him throughout school and in personal communication. At 25, he learned how to visualize the language he hears and reads. Watch Luke and his family as they tell their story.


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