Academic Support for College Students


Many young adults experience similar challenges as they make the transition from high school to college. Confronted with academic challenges they didn’t experience in high school, they can feel overwhelmed by the new educational environment.


Some common experiences are:

  • Struggling to develop time management habits
  • Difficulty prioritizing and keeping up with class demands
  • Trouble acclimating to more challenging academic expectations
  • Difficulty with writing and study skills



1. Create a routine place and time for studying. This will help you get into “study mode”. Try to keep these hours free in your schedule, only moving them if you have to.


2. Keep a calendar for due dates. Read your syllabus completely so you know what is due when. This will enable you to plan ahead and anticipate how much time is required for reading, writing, and studying.


3. Interact with your professors. If you don’t understand a concept or need clarification, ask! Approach your professor after class or during their office hours.


4. Get enough sleep. The most productive student is a well rested student. Shoot for between six to eight hours of sleep each night so that you can wake up and feel rested and ready to tackle another day of classes.


At Lindamood-Bell, collegiate academic prep can also help during this transition. Our skilled instructors can help give you the skills you need for success. We can help with:


  • Supervised homework help;
  • Individualized attention in small groups;
  • Note taking;
  • Writing;
  • Test taking strategies;
  • Study skills, and
  • Organization skills.

Contact your local learning center to get started.

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