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Your Child’s First Year at School: Tips for Parents

Jan 10, 2020


A generation ago, preschool and kindergarten days were filled with activities like coloring, water play, making friends, and learning to be peaceful at nap time.


And, while reading and spelling may have been introduced in kindergarten, there was nothing like today’s pressure about school readiness. Sure, there are still art, music, and games, but the specific expectations of teachers—and students—have amplified academic life even for the youngest students.


You may be wondering, “Is my child ready for the classroom?” Or, “Will he or she be able to keep up?”


What to Expect This School Year

Today, kindergarten classrooms offer more academics than in the past. To some degree, your child will definitely be working on:

✓ Letter names and sounds

✓ Sounding out for reading

✓ Sight word reading

✓ Printing letters and numbers

✓ Listening comprehension

✓ Communication skills

✓ Counting and understanding numbers

✓ Adding and subtracting

✓ Pencil and scissor work

✓ Color and shape recognition


Get Comfortable

Whether or not we adults feel great about the “new normal”—now is the time to familiarize your children with school activities—so they can feel great about the new year.  Try activities like reading simple books together and counting. Get started with our guide, The 3 Best Activities for Boosting Kindergarten Learning.


The Magic of Learning, Right From the Start!

Want some help giving your child a great start? Check out Kindergarten BOOST™ instruction at Lindamood-Bell, enrichment instruction offered year-round. We develop the imagery-language foundation for reading, spelling, comprehension, and math. In a matter of weeks, we can help your young child feel prepared and excited about school!

An age-appropriate learning evaluation is an integral part of all Lindamood-Bell instruction. Some students may require preliminary intervention to prepare for the Kindergarten BOOST™ format. If a child is already struggling with language and literacy skills compared to other children the same age, addressing the issue early can make a difference.



Contact us to talk about how we can help your young learner. Find a learning center location near you, including our seasonal learning camps, Locations.

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