Colorado School Implementing Lindamood-Bell Outperforms Comparison Schools in Reading


Haskin Elementary School in Center, Colorado, serves a large percentage of students who are at-risk of reading failure. From 2010–11 to 2013-14, Haskin implemented Lindamood-Bell instruction to address the specific needs of this student population. The first three years of this project, 2010-11 through 2012-13, were funded through a federal School Improvement Grant (SIG). Five other elementary schools in Colorado implemented other SIG interventions over the same period of time to turn around their schools. These were the first elementary schools (i.e., Cohort I) to receive SIG funding. Haskin students received Seeing Stars® and Visualizing and Verbalizing® instruction to develop symbol imagery and concept imagery for reading and comprehension. Instruction was delivered by Haskin teachers who were trained in the Lindamood-Bell programs. Gains across grades 3-5 were measured with the reading portion of the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) and the results were compared to gains made by students in the other SIG elementary schools, which were not implementing Lindamood-Bell instruction (Note: One of the five schools opened in 2010 and didn’t have TCAP results, so it’s not included in the results for the comparison schools).





Haskin’s 39-point change on the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (i.e., from 31% in 2010 to 70% in 2014) was nearly four times that of the comparison schools (from 43% to 53%). The results of this study illustrate that Lindamood-Bell instruction in the Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing programs leads to improved reading and comprehension, which is essential to achieving success with school curricula.



School Years: 2010–11 through 2013–14

Number of Schools: 5

Grade Levels: 3rd-5th

Lindamood-Bell Programs Implemented:

– Seeing Stars

– Visualizing and Verbalizing



Additionally, Haskin Elementary used a separate SIG to successfully meet the needs of English Language Learners; and their comprehensive efforts had a positive effect on their kindergarten students, who had been previously identified as  at-risk of reading failure.


Lindamood-Bell instruction can change learning for students, regardless of their previous struggle with language and literacy. Contact us to learn how your school can get started: 800-233-1819.



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