The Magic of Summer Learning

The Right Time

Many families are new to using summertime for learning—dreaming only of endless summer days with family and friends. We agree that students, especially those who struggle, do need a break from school. But for many students, three months away from academics can lead to measurable learning loss in skills like reading and maths—especially troublesome for students who have a weakness that makes school difficult.


While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students have an opportunity to use summer to give their child a great next year. The chunks of time available in the summer months make it an optimal season to pursue intensive instruction. Four hours a day often results in extraordinary gains.  In just weeks, students develop skills that can make next year easier. So you will have plenty of time to balance family, fun, and learning.


The Right Program

Traditional reading and tutoring programs focus on content-area instruction, or practising decoding and spelling rules. Lindamood-Bell programs are unique. Our programs develop the imagery-language foundation necessary for reading, spelling, and maths. While “reading camps,” library book clubs, and other educational activities may have some benefit, they often do not address the cause of a learning weakness. Students may be practising what is hard for them without a chance to change and benefit from their efforts.  


The Right Instruction

Summer instruction at Lindamood-Bell is individualised to meet the needs of each student.  Each student only works on exactly what he/she personally needs to be a better learner. An accurate learning ability evaluation is the first step toward helping your child learn to their potential. We uncover the strengths and weaknesses that are affecting school, and in a thorough results consultation, we will discuss a learning plan to change learning in the shortest time possible. Recommendations are differentiated based on the unique learning needs of each student.


Some students come to us with a previous diagnosis such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, or a general learning challenge—and we make a difference for each of them. Some students seek our help to enhance their skills or to just make learning easier—and we do.


Students who are currently struggling with reading, comprehension or maths can use a few weeks this summer to jump-start a new or ongoing intensive instruction plan. Young students can learn how to read for the first time. Some students use summer weeks to get ahead with an enrichment program in an area like writing, study skills, and test taking.  Alumni students might attend for help applying their skills to a new task like story problems or reading fluency.


The Right Environment

Parents can be surprised at how much their child (who does not love school) enjoys their Lindamood-Bell experience. How do we do it? Walk through our doors and you’ll begin to notice the difference between our centre and virtually every other learning environment your child has been to. Our welcoming, comfortable space sets the climate for student learning. We are committed to teaching all individuals to read and comprehend to their potential; our research-validated instruction is our foundation. Other unique features of the Lindamood-Bell Learning Centre experience also contribute to student success:


  • One-to-one instruction
  • Instructors who are skilled, compassionate, and fun
  • Program oversight by our Instructional Quality Team
  • By-design celebration of individual student success

Above all, our learning centre reflects our belief that every student can be taught to learn to their potential.


Discover the Magic of Summer Learning

Get a feel for what you can expect at our learning centre this summer!



Make an impact this summer!  It’s a great time to get ahead for next school year.  Get started today by contacting our learning centre to discuss how we can help make this summer everything your family has been waiting for!


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