Springtime Learning at Lindamood-Bell: Finish the Year Strong!

At this point in the school year, students everywhere are feeling the pressure of looming due dates and stressed schedules.  For students who struggle with learning, this time of year can be especially taxing. Their performance may have lagged behind peers all year, and increased academic expectations may be compounding the issue. Spending so many hours a week, doing the thing you struggle with, would be challenging for anyone.


The teacher may have raised a concern; or maybe homework sessions are tearful. Either way, you know when school is just too hard. Parents may wonder if help could even make a difference this late in the school year—or would it just be one more thing burdening a stressed-out student.


The right instruction, that addresses individual learning needs, can make a difference in a short period of time. Imagine a strong finish to the school year!


Ways We Can Help

Homework Matters at Lindamood-Bell

Homework Matters is supervised homework help, 1-4 afternoons per week. We create an environment that motivates and focuses students on getting their homework done. Our skilled instructors take the struggle out of homework for families by helping students get organised and complete assignments. We can answer your child’s questions and assist when necessary.


Academic Prep at Lindamood-Bell

Give your student the learning skills needed for success when facing an academic challenge. Students benefit from our expertise in learning and cognition. Academic Prep is enrichment instruction for students who do not require remediation. We teach:  


  • Note taking
  • Writing
  • Study skills
  • Test taking strategies
  • Organisation skills


Sensory-Cognitive Instruction at Lindamood-Bell

Students who are struggling in school may have a weakness that is affecting learning. Unfortunately, these students typically fall further behind as the year goes on. Students with poor comprehension, critical thinking, writing, and memory may have weak concept imagery—the ability to create an imagined gestalt (whole) from language; students who are poor decoders and spellers, or slow readers, may have weak symbol imagery—the ability to visualise letters in words. These difficulties are not only frustrating for a student, but prevent them from accessing school curriculum.


Our unique imagery-language instruction can make a difference. Instruction can happen after school or as part of a child’s school day. Students can make years of progress in just a few weeks.


  • Individualised learning plans
  • One-to-one instructor-student ratio
  • Research-validated programs
  • Instructional quality team oversight
  • Welcoming, comfortable environment for all ages

We Make it Easy

Lindamood-Bell Online Instruction

Lindamood-Bell Instruction is now located where each child needs to learn. Qualifying students may receive instruction online, in-person, or in both settings.  We connect with you from a Lindamood-Bell Learning Centre and our instruction staff works with your student.  At home or school, a parent or other adult will perform the role of facilitator. Online instruction works well for busy families with challenging schedules.


Use Spring Holiday

If school is not always easy for your child, you may have mixed feelings about spring holiday. While we all look forward to rest and relaxation, parents of struggling students have to consider the effect that time off from learning may have.


Spring Holiday instruction is individualised to meet the needs of each student.  For example, students can attend for an enrichment program to advance in an area like writing or study skills. Alumni students might attend for help applying their skills to a new task like story problems or reading fluency.


Students who are currently struggling with reading, comprehension, or maths can use their school break to jump-start a new or ongoing intensive instruction plan. Spring holiday is an opportunity to focus on the skills that will make school easier.


Getting Started

New to Lindamood-Bell? If school is hard for your child, you need to know why and that there is help. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is the first step toward helping your child finish the school year successfully. A learning evaluation will uncover the strengths and weaknesses that are affecting school. In a thorough results consultation, we will discuss an individualised learning plan to make school easier.


Some students come to us with a previous diagnosis such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, or a general learning challenge—and we make a difference for each of them.


Some students seek our help to enhance their skills or to just make learning easier—and we do.


Contact us to discuss a plan to support your child’s learning this spring:


Double Bay (02) 9328 7119 | Chatswood (02) 9410 1006 | Melbourne (03) 9815 2949

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