Imagine Better Homework | A Parent Workshop

Jul 4, 2019


This event has ended. For further information or questions regarding our instruction, please contact your local Learning Center.

If your child has a learning or attention issue, it can be tough to maintain good homework habits. Resolving to “establish a daily routine,” for example, may not affect why it is difficult for a student to complete homework in the first place. They may be missing a crucial step that good students are doing naturally.


Students of all ages should be creating mental images as they read a book, or listen to a teacher describe that night’s homework. They should be visualizing as they write something down in their planner, or as they compose a paragraph.  


Join us for a free workshop. Parents will learn how to establish the imagery-language foundation for homework.


Topics will include:


  • How to help your child keep track of assignments 
  • Asking questions that create mental images (and boost comprehension!) 
  • Using the imagery-language foundation to remember new vocabulary
  • Tips for managing homework when decoding is an issue

We look forward to helping make homework easier!




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