Research Articles

Numerous studies and papers have referenced and examined Lindamood-Bell programs.

Below, you can take a look at some research articles.


The Impact of Reading Intervention on Brain Responses Underlying Language in Children With Autism.

Children with autism improved reading and brain activity after 10-week comprehension instruction. The intensive intervention provided by Lindamood-Bell was four hours a day, five days a week, for a total of 200 hours of face-to-face instruction, and neuroimaging revealed brain connectivity changes.   Murdaugh DL1, Deshpande HD2, Kana RK1. 1Department of Psychology, University of Alabama at…


Individual differences in gains from computer-assisted remedial reading

Wise, B. W., J. Ring, and R. K. Olson. 2000. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 77 (3):197-235.

Phonemic Awareness

Training phonological awareness with and without explicit attention to articulation

Wise, B. W., J. Ring, and R. K. Olson. 1999. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 72:271-304.

Learning Disability

Reading Intervention Outcomes for Adults With Disabilities in a Vocational Rehabilitation Setting: Results of a 3-Year Research and Demonstration Grant.

Vanderberg, Laura E., Margaret E. Pierce, and Laurel J. Disney. 2011. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin 54 (4):210-222.

Phonemic Awareness

Stimulating basic reading processes using Auditory Discrimination in Depth

Truch, S. 1994. Annals of Dyslexia 44.

Phonological Processing

Preventing reading failure in young children with phonological processing disabilities: Group and individual responses to instruction

Torgesen, Joseph K., Richard K. Wagner, Carol A. Rashotte, Elaine Rose, Patricia Lindamood, Tim Conway, and Cyndi Garvan. 1999. Journal of Educational Psychology 91 (4):579-593.


Computer-assisted instruction to prevent early reading difficulties in students at risk for dyslexia: Outcomes from two instructional approaches

Torgesen, J. K., R. K. Wagner, C. A. Rashotte, J. Herron, and P. Lindamood. 2010. Annals of Dyslexia 60 (1):40-56.

Learning Disability

Expanding Access, Knowledge, and Participation for Learning Disabled Young Adults with Low Literacy

Shaw, Donita Massengill, and Laurel J. Disney. 2012. Journal of Research and Practice for Adult Literacy, Secondary, and Basic Education 1 (3):148-160.

School Reform

Effects of a Theoretically Based Large-Scale Reading Intervention in a Multicultural Urban School District

Sadoski, Mark, and Victor L. Willson. 2006. American Educational Research Journal 43 (1):137-154.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonological Awareness Intervention: Comparison of Fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS

Pokorni, Judith L., Colleen K. Worthington, and Patricia J. Jamison. 2004. Journal of Educational Research 97 (3):147-158.

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