Research Articles

Numerous studies and papers have referenced and examined Lindamood-Bell programs.

Below, you can take a look at some research articles.

Published Article

Neural changes following remediation in adult developmental dyslexia

Here we characterize the differences in brain activity during a phonological manipulation task before and after a behavioral intervention in adults with developmental dyslexia.

Peer Reviewed

A Project of Hope

Final evaluation report describes the Lindamood-Bell project, outlines the research methodology, and presents research findings from the process and impact evaluations that were completed with adjudicated youth.

Published Article

Effects of a Theoretically Based Large-Scale Reading Intervention in a Multicultural Urban School District

Study shows the closing of the achievement gap at a high-minority, high-poverty school district with the implementation of Lindamood-Bell’s School Partnership for reading and comprehension.

Peer Reviewed

Gestalt Imagery: A critical factor in language comprehension

Gestalt imagery-the ability to create imaged wholes-is a critical factor in oral and written language comprehension.

Peer Reviewed

Sensory-cognitive factors in the controversy over reading instruction

This paper presents information on the historical background of the long-standing controversy over methods of teaching reading, and cites findings on the current seriously inadequate levels of literacy documented in America.

Published Article

Gray matter volume changes following reading intervention in dyslexic children

Study showed gains in reading skills and increased gray matter volume (GMV) in dyslexic children after an eight week reading intervention using Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars program.

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