Lindamood-Bell Academy—A Unique K-12 Online School

Nov 6, 2018

At Lindamood-Bell Academy, we provide an online education like no other. Students work one-to-one with a Lindamood-Bell instructor–just as our in-center students do. We develop the imagery-language foundation for success in language processing and success in all curriculum. Our virtual instruction embodies Lindamood-Bell quality in all regards—our school is personal, flexible, and interactive.   



A great solution for many students

✔ Learners Who Need A Flexible Environment

Lindamood-Bell Academy is located where each child needs to learn. Students can attend in person, online, or both. This works well for homeschool families, students who live far from a center, have health challenges, or who will be traveling or moving during the school year. Your child’s schooling will stay on track wherever the world takes them.


✔ Students With Challenging Schedules

Academy scheduling is flexible, and students move through curriculum at their own pace. Students who have careers or other obligations that interfere with traditional school schedules will attend a school that works with their schedule. Breaks for travel, performances, and more are easily incorporated.


✔ School Anxiety

Lindamood-Bell Academy is student-centered. Our individualized approach can address the reading and comprehension needs that may be the cause of some students’ worries. Further, our low teacher-student ratio allows us to provide a school that is highly customized to rates of learning. If a student needs to spend more time on a subject, that’s OK!  Student days are infused with celebrations of their individual success and are non-competitive.  Whether students attend in person or online, our environment may be ideal for families seeking an environment that is not conducive to bullying or peer pressure.



Over the past 30 years more than 35,000 students have been taught how to learn to their potential at Lindamood-Bell. While some of our students have a previous diagnosis that affects learning, others seek our help to enhance their skills or to just make learning easier—and we make a difference for each one of them. Lindamood-Bell Academy online offers a unique opportunity for students to thrive.


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