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I was diagnosed Dyslexic at 6.

I was diagnosed Dyslexic at 6. It took so long to come out because like many I was good at hiding it, either charming or angry depending on what would hide my secret that moment. I couldn’t read a two letter word, I could count to three one minute and couldn’t count past one 15 seconds later. I was a mess, confused, scared and angry why I couldn’t work like those around me. My parents finally realised how bad it was when I was held back at school for my reading and writing skills. When I was diagnosed in the end it was with a 90% spread between potential and reality. I went through intense therapy, hours and hours of hard work, my love of history, stories and art carried me through. 16 years later it was worth it. I travel Europe teaching historical swordsmanship and working in film as an actor and stuntman and researching history. I speak three languages, studied Greek and Latin in Switzerland, translate medieval German, was invited to publish an article in an academic journal at 18 and present yearly at the International Medievalists Congress in Leeds. None of this would have been possible without Lindamood Bell. While I am a Dyslexic and that is part of me, I can say with certainty Lindamood Bell truly changed my life, there is not a day that I am not thankful that confused, angry little boy got the help he needed.


– Jack Gassmann, London Learning Centre Alumnus

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