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Lindamood-Bell instruction changes lives

Stories sent to us from
our students and their families.

Couldnt Read

He just couldn’t read.

A mother tells the story of her second grader who couldn’t read.

Positive change from the first day

My 10 year old daughter enrolled at Lindamood-Bell for 4 weeks, 120 hours at the end of July.  We really hated to enroll her in a reading program that would end her free summer of fun but after numerous tutors, neurofeedback, medication Lindamood-Bell was recommended to us to help her with dyslexia and ADD(inattentive).

From the 1st day at Lindamood-Bell we could see the positive change in her.  Each day she came home enthusiastic and spoke incessantly about her tutors and her activities.  She made friends and never complained  that her summer had ended early.  The energy and warm atmosphere of the learning center was always buzzing with happy kids and tutors.

Before Lindamood-Bell when she would read a book she comprehended nothing.  She could not retell a paragraph.  Each night since the end of Lindamood-Bell, she reads out loud to me then retells what she has read.  It is almost as if she has a photographic memory.  She remembers details and specifics of what she has read.  She is still not thrilled to read but each night she reads a little further in her book that she intended.

All the tutors were just phenomenal and she enjoyed them all and she felt that they really like her too.  Lindamood-Bell was worth every single penny.  We would do it again and again.

Christine Story

Christine’s Story

An adult student and a parent of a student, Christine shares her very personal challenges that led her to Lindamood-Bell and back again. See how Lindamood-Bell gave her the ability and confidence to face her adversities head on—and to succeed—and how she now sees the same successes in her son.

A Letter from a Private School Founder

As an educator, school founder and mother of two, I feel very plugged into the issues that parents face in our community.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of not only visiting and seeing the success that Lindamood-Bell has had with local students, but have also personally known parents with children who have gone through the program and have had amazing success.  The two parents who I am particularly close with, had no other options for their children.  Their children were falling farther and farther behind in school and they thought they had no hope.  After going through the program they not only improved, they excelled.  I am very happy to recommend this center and the program without reservation.



Thank you for showing the difference.

“Please pass the word along that I am most grateful for Nanci Bell’s webinar last Friday; it was most helpful. That very day I tested a young man with the LAC and SI tests and it was so clear where he was at and why, especially in light of Nanci’s comment that the SI test is ‘predictive of reading ability.’ I was able to forward the webinar to his mother, so she could see the difference Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes could make in her son’s life. Thank you for the webinar!”