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Lindamood-Bell Academy is uniquely suited to meet the learning needs of many students. Our unique private school features individualized instruction at our learning centers and/or online. We combine Lindamood-Bell expertise in teaching with a full K-12 curriculum. We attract students of all levels, including those challenged by the curriculum, rigid schedule or social pressure of a traditional setting.


Meet a few of the families who have found a home at our Academy!

Families looking for an individualized approach for their child’s whole school experience can choose the Lindamood-Bell Academy. Contact us to learn more about year-round open enrollment and to discuss your student’s needs: 800-300-1818.


  1. My 10th grade, dyslexic son completed your reading program and we are very pleased with his improvement. Do you have a writing program?

    1. Elyse, Lindamood-Bell Academy is available at our learning centers in Ann Arbor and Birmingham and online. Location information is here. Let us know if you would like someone to get in touch to discuss our school and instruction. Thank you!


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