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Professional Development Opportunities

Apr 19, 2018

This Lindamood-Bell® training does for reading what Strength in Numbers training does for math. These professional development opportunities provide our teaching staff with both the tools for diagnosing learning problems and the tools/strategies to help kids overcome those challenges EARLY in their learning careers. Thanks to these excellent, ongoing PD opportunities, teachers are building a MUCH better understanding of the small, yet crucial, building blocks that make up the “foundational” learning skills and concepts in each subject area.

As a teacher of grades 2 through 7 who has 35 years experience, I have learned several powerful instructional strategies that I can apply to ALL subject areas. As a current 4th grade teacher, I have a much better understanding of the strategies and materials used with my students during their primary years. This allows me to more easily build upon prior learning AND detect cracks or missing/mis-learned foundational skills that need remediation.

Furthermore, it has been a privilege to once again train alongside many dedicated paraprofessionals from our district. The depth of their experiences from working with many of our most challenging students has deepened all our discussions and learning. The common language and understanding teachers and paras have acquired as we have worked together will only enhance a smooth transition back into the classroom environment.

It is exciting that our district continues to provide quality training that not only gives access to the latest research in learning theory, but also provides the needed opportunities for staff to acquire, practice, and fine tune those tools and strategies BEFORE we are expected to use them in our classrooms. Thank you for one of the best PD experiences of my career. This “old dog” has acquired several power tools to add to her tool box.  

The future learning of our kids is bright with your support in illuminating their guides.

-Kristie Wall, 4th Grade Main Elementary

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