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“The joy he now has with reading is the best result.” A mother of a second grader describes instruction.

Aug 8, 2016

“The joy he now has with reading is the best result.” A mother of a second grader describes instruction.

Jacob’s last school year was incredibly difficult. We could not keep up with homework, and he could not keep up in class. He attends a really great private school, but even with extra support he didn’t seem to be learning. There were tears over homework and very low test scores. I have a master’s degree in education, so I have always sought out tools and programs and tutors, but Jacob’s interest in sitting still and reading was low because he didn’t see progress, and I was concerned about him developing “learned helplessness” because his teachers and tutors were spoon feeding him answers just before they gave up.
From the moment we entered Lindamood-Bell, I had a sense of hope for him. I knew he needed one-on-one help, but I couldn’t explain why. He had been tested for a full spectrum of learning disabilities, but he was never diagnosed or given a specific label. When Aisha first explained how the program worked and what it addressed – the brain side of it, I felt a sense of relief. From the first day of testing, Jacob loved being at the center. He formed a special bond with one of his teachers. From the first day I saw progress, and every Friday when I came to review the results, I was so excited to see him engaged and reading. The evidence of what happened is in the test scores, but the confidence he has and the joy he now has with reading is the best result. He’s now carrying books around with him to read during downtime, and he is correcting his older sister’s oral reading. Thank you so much! We are now excited to start the new school year, and show his new teacher all that he can do and explore a whole new set of interests.

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