Reading Intervention

Numerous peer-reviewed articles based on studies examining the effectiveness of the Lindamood-Bell programs have been published in scholarly journals.

Below, you will find information on these research articles including references, abstracts, links to the articles in their entirety, and more.

Dyslexic-Specific Brain Activation Profile Becomes Normal Following Successful Remedial Training

Simos, P. G., J. M. Fletcher, E. Bergman, J. I. Breier, B. R. Foorman, E. M. Castillo, R. N. Davis, M. Fitzgerald, and A. C. Papanicolaou. 2002. Neurology 58 (8):1203–1212.

Gray Matter Volume Changes Following Reading Intervention in Dyslexic Children

Krafnick, A. J., D. L. Flowers, E. M. Napoliello, and G. F. Eden. 2011. “Gray matter volume changes following reading intervention in dyslexic children.” Neuroimage 57 (3):733-41. doi: ©Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.10.062.

Changes in Intrinsic Connectivity of the Brain’s Reading Network Following Intervention in Children With Autism

Murdaugh, D. L., J. O. Maximo, and R. K. Kana. 2015. “Changes in intrinsic connectivity of the brain’s reading network following intervention in children with autism.” Human Brain Mapping. doi: 10.1002/hbm.22821.

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