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Tag: classroom teaching

Photo Credit: DoubleRobotics Case Study Video Lindamood-Bell for Schools Instruction Robot: News Roundup NBC WSMV-TV Channel 4 Nashville Reports on Lindamood-Bell Robot Helping Teachers Tullahoma News Reports on Instruction Robot [Case Study] Lindamood-Bell for Schools Instruction Robot Double Robotics Case Study: Lindamood-Bell Deploys 50 Doubles in Largest Deployment Yet   NBC WSMV-TV Channel 4 Nashville Reports…

Tag: classroom teaching

There is a basic need for all kids to engage, connect, and belong. Kodiak Island Borough Schools in Alaska use the Instruction Robot to connect on-site, on a daily basis, with administrators, teachers, and students, even in the most remote areas. The virtual presence aids in professional development with real-time coaching of teachers, and provides great…

Tag: classroom teaching

A new era of instruction options from Lindamood-Bell is happening.  Expanding across the country are the new instruction robots to help us provide direct instruction in schools with minimal expense. Read Article from Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin.

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