WELCOME TO OUR Dublin / Pleasanton LEARNING Camp

Our Dublin / Pleasanton Learning Camp is an extension of our Learning Center that offers our genuine Lindamood-Bell instruction, and is open for a designated portion of the year. When many families in a community express interest in bringing Lindamood-Bell instruction to their area, we will explore Dublin / Pleasanton for a Learning Camp.

A Learning Camp may be located just across town, or several hours drive, from the local Learning Center. Depending on the needs of a community, the amount of time that a Learning Camp is open ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks or more. Our goal is to bring our evidence-based instruction to more families. Our Learning Camp helps make that a reality.

If you are interested in our Dublin / Pleasanton Learning Camp, please call (925) 943-1609 or complete this form for more information.

Please check below to see the exciting events we have coming up in your area!

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