• A Lindamood-Bell
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  • Lucky, our instruction robot,brings Lindamood-Bell into the classroom.

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Lindamood-Bell research-validated programs are key to our solutions
for schools.

We have created school implementation and professional development options designed to maximize student achievement.

See our results with schools here.

our work with Schools

Proven Results for Schools and Educators

Professional Development

Teachers learn to develop the underlying processes necessary for a student to learn to read and comprehend. We deliver Professional Development in the following formats:

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Learning Center on Campus

Available through your local Lindamood-Bell Learning Center, the Learning Center on Campus (LCOC) creates an instant literacy center, bringing the specialized environment and instruction of our Learning Center to your school.

The LCOC provides Lindamood-Bell quality implementation to students at risk for reading failure, including Special Education students and English Language Learners. Our LCOC includes:

  • Student needs assessment
  • Lindamood-Bell trained staff onsite
  • Small group instruction
  • Personalized learning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Classroom support for teachers

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Robots Provide Onsite Support!

The Lindamood-Bell Instruction Robot, Lucky, brings our onsite support to the classroom.

  • Live interaction for instruction
  • Cost effective
  • Highly engaging
  • Personalized learning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Classroom support for teachers with real-time modeling

See this in action.

Online courses are

  • On-demand
  • Self-paced
  • Tablet friendly

For all past Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing workshop participants, there is a suite of support courses to help you take your knowledge further.

Skills Boost courses

Develop error handling, independence, and instructional planning

Refresh & Review courses

Condensed review of Seeing Stars® and Visualizing & Verbalizing® program steps





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