Webinars with Nanci Bell

img033At Lindamood-Bell, we Dream Big for Learning. 

We believe, passionately, that all individuals can learn to their potential.

In these free webinars for parents, Nanci Bell, co-founder of Lindamood-Bell, discusses the imagery-language connection, and demonstrates program steps that develop concept imagery and symbol imagery as a basis for improved decoding, spelling, comprehension, and memory.

Our instruction makes a difference for students who seek improved skills, or to just make learning easier, as well as individuals who have been previously diagnosed with a learning challenge.

See Nanci’s past Webinars here:

“Ask, Part 2 Nanci-Lindamood-Bell’s Co-Founder Answers Your Questions”
aired May 18, 2016

“Ask Nanci-Lindamood-Bell’s Co-Founder Answers Your Questions”
aired May 4, 2016


“Your Great Learning Adventure into Summer Instruction.  Build the imagery-language foundation for reading and comprehension.”
aired April 20, 2016


“The Start of Your Great Learning Adventure.  An Evaluation Like No Other: the first step to making the difference of a lifetime.”
aired April 6, 2016


“We Believe in Your Dreams:  We make learning easier—so your child can soar.”
aired November 28, 2015


“Dream Big for Comprehension this Summer”
aired 5/5/15


“Learn Big this Summer: Instruction that Changes Lives”
aired 4/21/15


“Dream Big for Learning: Connecting Imagery to Language”
aired 3/20/15

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