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Phonological Awareness Intervention: Comparison of Fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS

Pokorni, J. L., Worthington, C. K & Jamison, P. J. (2004). Phonological awareness intervention: Comparison of fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS. Journal of Educational Research, 97, 147-158. doi:10.3200/joer.97.3.147-158

Researchers have found that training in phonemic awareness (PA), a fundamental element for reading acquisition, is effective in varying degrees, depending on characteristics of the audience. In this study, the authors explored the relative effectiveness of 3 programs—Fast ForWord, Earobics, and LiPS. The authors randomly assigned 60 students with language and reading deficits to 1 of 3 interventions. Students received three 1-hr daily intervention sessions during a 20-day summer program conducted by a large school district. Measures of PA, language-, and reading-related skills were collected and analyzed. Earobics and LiPS were associated with gains on PA measures 6 weeks after intervention. No group effects were found on language or reading measures.

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