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Computer-Based Remedial Training in Phoneme Awareness and Phonological Decoding: Effects on the Posttraining Development of Word Recognition

Olson, R. K., Wise, B., Ring, J., & Johnson, M. (1997). Computer-based remedial training in phoneme awareness and phonological decoding: Effects on the posttraining development of work recognition. Scientific Studies of Reading, 1, 235-253. doi:10.1207/s1532799xssr0103_4

This article reports results from 1- and 2-year follow-up tests for children with reading problems who had previously received 25 hr of training in 1 of 2 computer-based remediation programs. Both programs included accurate speech and decoding support during story reading, but different supplementary training, either in explicit phonological processes or in comprehension strategies. Children initially trained in phonological skills made greater gains in phonological awareness, phonological decoding, and untimed word recognition at the end of training. The other children, who had spent more time reading stories with speech feedback for difficult words, gained more in time-limited word recognition. One year later with no further training, the explicit phonological group remained stronger in phonological decoding and phoneme awareness, but its level of word recognition was no greater than in the other group. There were no significant group differences after 2 years. Both of the computer-based training programs had yielded rapid growth in word recognition standard scores during 50 half-hour training sessions over 4 months, although much more training is needed to bring many children with reading disability into the normal range.

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