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Afterschool Learning to the Rescue! Reasons to Get Help

29 Jul, 2016

If your family is like most, you’ve enjoyed summer break—and may not exactly be looking forward to the school year’s relentless schedule of project deadlines, events, and class obligations. And if last year ended on a sour note—either because your child has a learning difficulty or because getting through homework was just rough—you may be…

Announcing Our New School: The Lindamood-Bell Academy

7 Jul, 2016

Today, we are excited to announce the new Lindamood-Bell Academy—a private school—where we develop the imagery-language foundation for language processing and curriculum.

Summer Learning Plan: When the Teacher Recommends Reading Help

3 Jun, 2016

Teachers always encourage students to read as much as they can over the summer. But if your last parent-teacher conference came with a specific suggestion—to get some extra reading support during the summer months—you may be considering one of the following options to prepare for next school year:   Teach your child to read yourself….

More Than Tutoring: Why Intensive Instruction Works

20 May, 2016

Those who are new to Lindamood-Bell instruction may be more familiar with traditional tutoring and programs which are generally conducted 1 to 3 hours a week over the course of months or years. Therefore, recommendations for intensive intervention—4 hours/day and 5 days a week—may be a new concept.   If your child is having difficulty…

Know WHY your child is struggling, and that there IS help – EVALUATION SPECIAL THROUGH JUNE 17!

13 May, 2016

By now, you likely know that summer can be a really great time to address learning needs. Children are out of school, and the pressure of daily schoolwork is lifted.   Today, we received some fantastic results from our student instruction last summer that show us again how the imagery-language foundation can make a big…

Turn Summer Learning Loss Into Summer Learning Gain–4 Tips

22 Apr, 2016

  If you know a school-aged student. . .you know someone who is looking forward to summer vacation!   And it seems that students who have any difficulty with learning or academics have even more enthusiasm for summer vacation than their peers. Spending so many hours a week all school year, doing the thing you…

Seasonal Learning Clinics: Genuine Lindamood-Bell Instruction . . . Everywhere!

21 Apr, 2016

So far, Lindamood-Bell has taught over 35,000 students to read and comprehend to their potential. We are able to reach students, in part, by bringing our Seasonal Learning Clinics to new communities every year.   Extensions of our permanent Learning Centers, our Seasonal Learning Clinics provide genuine Lindamood-Bell instruction to students who would otherwise be…

Time to Jump-Start Learning

11 Mar, 2016

At this point in the school year, students everywhere are feeling the crunch of looming due dates and increased workloads.  For students who have any kind of struggle with learning, this time of year can be especially tough. Their performance may have lagged behind peers all year, and increased expectations may now make tackling school…

The Missing Connection: Why Reading is Still So Hard for Your Child

17 Feb, 2016

  When a student struggles with reading, extra help typically focuses on phonics, or sounding out words, and spelling rules. Unfortunately, many students, even those who have had months of extra help, continue to struggle with grade level text.   Perhaps they sound out a word eventually—but it is slow and labored. They may take…

Your Child’s Annual Check Up: Include Learning this Year!

5 Feb, 2016

For many students, a Learning Check Up is equally essential. Identifying and addressing an underlying weakness in reading or comprehension, preventively, can make all the difference for your child’s successful school year.

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