Learning Adventure Webinar: April 6

Mar 18, 2016

Join Lindamood-Bell co-founder, Nanci Bell, for a conversation about the first step to making the difference of a lifetime for your child.

An Amazing Partnership in Honduras

Mar 16, 2016

A School Partnership was established with EIS in 2011, which has involved at least five of our staff members traveling to Honduras. This partnership includes training teachers in Lindamood-Bell’s programs, mentoring and consulting teachers, and overseeing the implementation of our programs with a total of 247 students.

Time to Jump-Start Learning

Mar 11, 2016

At this point in the school year, students everywhere are feeling the crunch of looming due dates and increased workloads.  For students who have any kind of struggle with learning, this time of year can be especially tough. Their performance may have lagged behind peers all year, and increased expectations may now make tackling school…

You’re Invited to an Overview on Learning

Mar 10, 2016

Please Come to Our Overview on Learning!   We are coming to your area to show you how we teach children and adults to read and comprehend to their potential. Join us and learn how we have been creating the Magic of Learning for 30 years! See below for a list of locations, dates, and…

Lindamood-Bell Presentation at the British Dyslexia Association 10th International Conference

Mar 9, 2016

We are honoured to present to the esteemed audience at the British Dyslexia Association 10th International Conference on 12 March. Our presentation,   Visual Imagery: The Nonverbal Code for Language and Cognition, will describe that imagery is the “silent partner” to language in human cognition. Behavioral neuroscience in America has validated the role of visual…

Nanci Bell: “We are so excited to celebrate Lindamood-Bell’s 30-year anniversary!”

Feb 25, 2016

We are so excited to celebrate Lindamood-Bell’s 30-year anniversary!   Our organization is a living entity to me—a creation based on integrity, intelligence, and love.  In 1986, Pat Lindamood and I acted on our vision to help each individual learn to his or her potential.     As I reflect back to that time and…

The Missing Connection: Why Reading is Still So Hard for Your Child

Feb 17, 2016

  When a student struggles with reading, extra help typically focuses on phonics, or sounding out words, and spelling rules. Unfortunately, many students, even those who have had months of extra help, continue to struggle with grade level text.   Perhaps they sound out a word eventually—but it is slow and labored. They may take…

I See Movies in My Head: The Key to Reading Comprehension

Feb 15, 2016

Most reading experts agree on one thing: In order to comprehend what they read, students must have strong decoding skills and adequate oral vocabulary. In other words, a child must be able accurately decode every word on the page, and know what all of the words mean.

Your Child’s Annual Check Up: Include Learning this Year!

Feb 5, 2016

For many students, a Learning Check Up is equally essential. Identifying and addressing an underlying weakness in reading or comprehension, preventively, can make all the difference for your child’s successful school year.

You’re Invited to an Open House for Learning

Jan 31, 2016

Come to Our All-Day Open House for Learning. Pop in for a few minutes or as long as you’d like. We’d love to show you how we have been creating the Magic of Learning for 30 years!

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