Research Articles

Numerous peer-reviewed articles based on studies examining the effectiveness of the Lindamood-Bell programs have been published in scholarly journals.

Below, you will find information on these research articles including references, abstracts, links to the articles in their entirety, and more.

Exploring the Potential of LiPS Instruction for Beginning Readers

McIntyre, Laureen, Susan Protz, and Lynn McQuarrie. 2008. Developmental Disabilities Bulletin 36 (1 & 2):18-48.

Sensory-Cognitive Factors in the Controversy Over Reading Instruction

Lindamood, Patricia, C., Nanci Bell, and Phyllis Lindamood, D. 1997. Journal of Developmental and Learning Disorders 1 (1).

Neural Changes Following Remediation in Adult Developmental Dyslexia

Eden, G. F., K. M. Jones, K. Cappell, L. Gareau, F. B. Wood, T. A. Zeffiro, N. A. Dietz, J. A. Agnew, and D. L. Flowers. 2004. Neuron 44 (3):411-22.

Treatment of a Case of Phonological Alexia with Agraphia Using the Auditory Discrimination in Depth (ADD) Program

Conway, T. W., P. Heilman, L. J. Rothi, A. W. Alexander, J. Adair, B. A. Crosson, and K. M. Heilman. 1998. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society 4 (6):608-20.

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